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Unreal   Meaning in Urdu

1. Unreal : خیالی - غیر حقیقی : (adjective) lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria.

Ghosts and other unreal entities.
Unreal propaganda serving as news.

Realism, Reality, Realness - the state of being actual or real.

2. Unreal : خیالی - غیر حقیقی : (adjective) not actually such; being or seeming fanciful or imaginary.

This conversation is getting more and more unreal.
The fantastically unreal world of government bureaucracy.+ More

3. Unreal - Artificial : مصنوعی : (adjective) contrived by art rather than nature.

Counterfeit, Imitative - not genuine; imitating something superior.

4. Unreal - Insubstantial - Unsubstantial : خیالی - غیر حقیقی : (adjective) lacking material form or substance; unreal.

Solidness, Substantiality, Substantialness - the quality of being substantial or having substance.

Useful Words

Acknowledged : منظور شدہ : recognized or made known or admitted. "The acknowledged leader of the community"

Actually - Really : در حقیقت : in actual fact. "To be nominally but not actually independent"

Corresponding : مماثل : similar especially in position or purpose. "A number of corresponding diagonal points"

Fact : اصل معلومعات : a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred. "First you must collect all the facts of the case"

Fanciful - Imaginary - Notional : خیالی : not based on fact; unreal. "The falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties"

Authenticity - Genuineness - Legitimacy : کھرا پن : undisputed credibility.

Fanciful - Imaginary - Notional : خیالی : not based on fact; unreal. "The falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties"

Deficient - Lacking - Wanting : کم : inadequate in amount or degree. "A deficient education"

Non - Not : نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

Realism - Reality - Realness : حقیقت : the state of being actual or real. "Everyone has come to know your reality"

Apparent - Ostensible - Seeming : بظاہر : appearing as such but not necessarily so. "For all his apparent wealth he had no money to pay the rent"

Substance : مادہ : the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists. "DNA is the substance of our genes"

Such : انتہائی : to so extreme a degree. "He is such a baby"

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