Unsanctified Unsalted Unsaid Unsafe Unsaddle Unruly Unruffled Unromantic Unsanitary Unsated Unsatiable Unsatiated Unsatisfactorily Unsatisfactory Unsatisfied Unsatisfying Unsaturated Unsaved Unsavory Unsavoury

Unsanitary   Meaning in Urdu

Unsanitary open sewers.

1. Unsanitary - Insanitary - Unhealthful : مضر صحت - غیر صحت بخش : (adjective) not sanitary or healthful.

Unsanitary open sewers.
Grim and unsanitary conditions.

Related Words

Offsaddle - Unsaddle : بے نشست کرنا : remove the saddle from. "They unsaddled their mounts"

Unexpressed - Unsaid - Unspoken - Unstated - Unuttered - Unverbalised - Unverbalized - Unvoiced : ان کہی : not made explicit. "Spoken, unspoken"

Useful Words

Healthful : صحت بخش : conducive to good health of body or mind. "A healthful climate"

Non - Not : نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

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