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Unselfishness 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Urdu meaning of Unselfishness is بے غرضی, it can be written as Be Gharzi in Roman Urdu. There are 2 different senses of Unselfishness stated below.

Unselfishness in Sentence

Rural people show more devotion and unselfishness than do their urban cousins.

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Unselfishness in Detail

1 of 2. بے غرضی Be Gharzi بے لوثی Be Lusi : Unselfishness : (noun) the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. for others.

Rural people show more devotion and unselfishness than do their urban cousins.

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2 of 2. بے غرضی Be Gharzi : Generosity Unselfishness : (noun) acting generously.

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Useful Words

Acting : قائم مقام Qaim Muqam : serving temporarily especially as a substitute. "The acting president"

But Just Merely Only Simply : بس Bas : and nothing more. "Just go outside"

Attempt Effort Endeavor Endeavour Try : اقدام Iqdam : earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something. "Made an effort to cover all the reading material"

First First Of All First Off Firstly Foremost : سب سے پہلے Sab Se Pehle : before anything else. "I felt it for the first time"

Generously Liberally Munificently : کھلے دل سے Khulay Dil Se : in a generous manner. "He gave liberally to several charities"

Afford Give Yield : دینا Dena : be the cause or source of. "Who do I give?"

Money : دولت Dolat : the most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender. "It`s not about money"

Non Not : نہیں Nahi : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

Early Former Other : قدیم دور کے متعلق Qadeem Dor Kay Mutaliq : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe"

Putt Putting : گالف کی گیند کو مارنا Galf Ki Gaynd Ko Maarna : hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter. "His putting let him down today; he didn't sink a single putt over three feet"

Character Lineament Quality : خوبی Khobi : a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. "What quality does it possess ?"

Time : وقت Waqt : a period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something. "What time do you get off of work?"

Willing : چاہنے والا Chahany Wala : disposed or inclined toward. "A willing participant"

Ourselves Ourself Myself Himself Herself Oneself Themself Yourself Themselves : اپنا Apna : Used as a reflexive. "God help those who help themselves"

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