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Unstable meaning in Urdu

Unstable Sentences

After falling from the roof, his condition is still unstable and also lost his memory.
Everything was unstable following the coup.

Unstable Synonyms


Unstable Definitions

1 of 4) Unstable : غیر مستحکم, ناپائدار : (adjective) lacking stability or fixity or firmness.

Unstable political conditions.
The tower proved to be unstable in the high wind.+ More

2 of 4) Unstable, Precarious : غیر مستحکم : (satellite adjective) affording no ease or reassurance.

3 of 4) Unstable, Mentally Ill, Unsound : ذہنی بیمار, ذہنی بیماری : (satellite adjective) suffering from severe mental illness.

4 of 4) Unstable, Fluid : دگرگوں, غیر یقینی : (satellite adjective) subject to change; variable.

Useful Words

Fluctuate : ڈگمگانا , Top-Heavy : نچلے حصے کی نسبت جس کا اوپر کا حصہ بھاری ہو , Treacherous : ناقابل اعتبار , Card-House : کارڈز کا گھر , Instability : ناپائداری , Crisis : بحران , Bubble : شیشے کا محل , Acetoacetic Acid : خون میں شامل تیزاب , Hypochlorous Acid : ہائپو کلورس تیزاب , Lax : کمزور , Precariously : غیر یقینی طور پر , Commitment : ثابت قدمی , Bad : جسمانی نقص , Decayed : سڑا ہوا , Upset : نقصان پہنچانا , Anchor : تکیہ , Firmly : مضبوطی سے , Decisively : پر عزمی سے , Adjusted : حالات کے موافق , Foursquare : صاف صاف , Indecisive : غیر فیصلہ کن , Granite : ثابت قدم , Imf : انٹرنیشنل مونیٹری فنڈ , Resolute : پر عزم , Absorb : اپنے اندر سمو لینا , Agile : ذہین , Lumpen : پاگل , Construct : دوبارہ بنانا , Bilk : بچنا , Doddering : بوڑھا , Alert : چوکنا

Useful Words Definitions

Fluctuate: be unstable.

Top-Heavy: unstable by being overloaded at the top.

Treacherous: dangerously unstable and unpredictable.

Card-House: an unstable construction with playing cards.

Instability: the quality or attribute of being unstable and irresolute.

Crisis: an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.

Bubble: a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control.

Acetoacetic Acid: unstable acid found in abnormal amounts in the blood and urine in some cases of impaired metabolism (as diabetes mellitus or starvation).

Hypochlorous Acid: a weak unstable acid known only in solution and in its salts; used as a bleaching agent and as an oxidizing agent.

Lax: lacking in strength or firmness or resilience.

Precariously: in a precarious manner.

Commitment: the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose.

Bad: physically unsound or diseased.

Decayed: damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless.

Upset: disturb the balance or stability of.

Anchor: a central cohesive source of support and stability.

Firmly: with firmness.

Decisively: with firmness.

Adjusted: adjusted to demands of daily living; showing emotional stability.

Foursquare: with firmness and conviction; without compromise.

Indecisive: characterized by lack of decision and firmness.

Granite: something having the quality of granite (unyielding firmness).

Imf: a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies.

Resolute: firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination.

Absorb: take up mentally.

Agile: mentally quick.

Lumpen: mentally sluggish.

Construct: reassemble mentally.

Bilk: escape, either physically or mentally.

Doddering: mentally or physically infirm with age.

Alert: mentally perceptive and responsive.

Related Words

Changeable : متغیر , Impermanent : ناپائیدار , Insane : پاگل , Rickety : کمزور , Seismal : زلزلے سے متعلق