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Valet Parking meaning in Urdu

Valet Parking Sentence

Do not use valet parking now it will be open tomorrow.

Valet Parking Definitions

1) Valet Parking : ہوٹل یا ہوائی اڈے وغیرہ کے داخلے پر گاڑی کھڑی کرنے کی جگہ : (noun) a service provided (at a club or restaurant or airport etc.) whereby a patron leaves a car at the entrance and an attendant parks and retrieves it.


Useful Words

Court : وہ ہوٹل جہاں گاڑی کھڑی کرنے کی جگہ بھی ہوتی ہے , Tow Car : کھینچ ٹرک , Center : چوک , Busboy : چھوٹا , Sommelier : کسی ریسٹوران میں شراب پلانے والا , Service Charge : سروس چارج , Big Dipper : تفریحی پارک میں لگی ہوئی ریل , Patroness : خاتون سرپرست , Launderette : خود سے کپڑے دہونے کی جگہ جہاں خود کار مشینیں لگی ہوں , Serviceable : قابل خدمت , Heliport : ہیلی اڈہ , Asf : ائرپورٹ سیکیرٹی فورس , Airstrip : ہوائی پٹی , Shah Faisal Colony : شاہ فیصل کالونی , Skycap : ایر پورٹ پر مسافروں کا سامان لے جانے کے لیے رکھا گیا ملازم , Air Lane : ہوائی راستہ , Fixture : پکا گاہک , Airdock : عمارت جس میں جہازوں کی مرمت کی جاتی ہے , Lounge : انتظار گاہ , Clientage : موکلی , Taxi Strip : پرواز گاہ , Angel : فرشتہ , Regius Professor : شاہی معلم , Servitor : نوکر , Escort : کسی کا ملازم جو اس کے ہمراہ رہتا ہو , Aengus : محبت کا دیوتا , Rocker : جھلانے والا شخص , Groomsman : دولھے کی طرف کا مرد , Gentleman : خادم , Orderly : ملازم , Restauranter : ریستوران کا مالک

Useful Words Definitions

Court: a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area.

Tow Car: a truck equipped to hoist and pull wrecked cars (or to remove cars from no-parking zones).

Center: mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace.

Busboy: a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes.

Sommelier: a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant.

Service Charge: a percentage of a bill (as at a hotel or restaurant) added in payment for service.

Big Dipper: an amusement ride typically found in theme parks and amusement parks. It consists of a track with steep drops, sharp turns, and sometimes inversions, designed to provide thrilling and exciting experiences for riders. Roller coasters are known for their fast speeds, sudden changes in direction, and various elements that create sensations of weightlessness and excitement.

Patroness: a woman who is a patron or the wife of a patron.

Launderette: a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customers.

Serviceable: ready for service or able to give long service.

Heliport: an airport for helicopters.

Asf: Airport Security Force.

Airstrip: an airfield without normal airport facilities.

Shah Faisal Colony: Very populated area of Karachi near airport.

Skycap: a porter who helps passengers with their baggage at an airport.

Air Lane: a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another.

Fixture: a regular patron.

Airdock: a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained.

Lounge: a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait.

Clientage: relation of a client to a patron.

Taxi Strip: a paved surface in the form of a strip; used by planes taxiing to or from the runway at an airport.

Angel: spiritual being attendant upon God.

Regius Professor: holder of a British professorship created by a royal patron.

Servitor: someone who performs the duties of an attendant for someone else.

Escort: an attendant who is employed to accompany someone.

Aengus: Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women.

Rocker: an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle.

Groomsman: a male attendant of the bridegroom at a wedding.

Gentleman: a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer.

Orderly: a soldier who serves as an attendant to a superior officer.

Restauranter: the proprietor of a restaurant.

Valet Parking in Book Titles

We have a parking problem in Nyack, particularly at night, .. We have come up with a number of ideas. One of them is to have valet parking village-wide..

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