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Vamp meaning in Urdu

Vamp Definitions

1) Vamp : بوٹ کے اوپر کے چمڑے کا اگلا حصہ : (noun) piece of leather forming the front part of the upper of a shoe.


Useful Words

Forehead : پیشانی کی ہڈی , Sporran : ایک مردانہ تھیلا , Caput : سر , Fraction : چھوٹا حصہ , Heel : جوتے کا تلا , Latchet : جوتے کو پاوں میں کس دینے والی پٹی یا فیتہ , Mocassin : ایک قسم کا نرم جوتا , Cleat : جوتے کا تلہ , Loafer : بغیر فیتے والا جوتا , Toecap : پنجہ ٹوپی , Toe Box : جوتے کا اگلا حصہ , Buck-Toothed : آگے کے دانت باہر ہونا , Blackjack : درا , Shoe : جوتا , Fin : تیراکی کے جوتے , Necktie : ٹائی , Lash : کوڑا , Outsole : جوتے کا تلا , Top : چوٹی , Superscribe : سطح پر لکھنا , Bow : اگلا حصہ , Shoulder : کندھا , Hindshank : ران کا گوشت , Shin : پنڈ کی ہڈی , Singlet : مردانہ بنیان , Cap : تاج ستون , Sinciput : سرکابالائی حصہ , Face : کونا , Rectosigmoid : ریکٹم اور قولون کے سگما نما حصہ سے متعلق , Aegis : حفاظتی ڈھال , Cutting : ٹکڑا

Useful Words Definitions

Forehead: the large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: includes the upper part of the orbits.

Sporran: a fur or leather pouch worn at the front of the kilt as part of the traditional dress of Scottish Highlanders.

Caput: the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains.

Fraction: a small part or item forming a piece of a whole.

Heel: the bottom of a shoe or boot; the back part of a shoe or boot that touches the ground and provides elevation.

Latchet: a leather strap or thong used to attach a sandal or shoe to the foot.

Mocassin: soft leather shoe; originally worn by Native Americans.

Cleat: a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe); prevents slipping.

Loafer: a low leather step-in shoe; the top resembles a moccasin but it has a broad flat heel.

Toecap: a protective leather or steel cover for the toe of a boot or shoe, reinforcing or decorating it.

Toe Box: the forward tip of the upper of a shoe or boot that provides space and protection for the toes.

Buck-Toothed: having protruding upper front teeth.

Blackjack: a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people.

Shoe: footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material.

Fin: a shoe for swimming; the paddle-like front is an aid in swimming (especially underwater).

Necktie: neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front.

Lash: leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip.

Outsole: the outer sole of a shoe or boot that is the bottom of the shoe and makes contact with the ground.

Top: the upper part of anything.

Superscribe: write on the outside or upper part of.

Bow: front part of a vessel or aircraft.

Shoulder: the part of the body between the neck and the upper arm.

Hindshank: a cut of meat from the upper part of a rear leg.

Shin: the front part of the human leg between the knee and the ankle.

Singlet: a collarless men`s undergarment for the upper part of the body.

Cap: the upper part of a column that supports the entablature.

Sinciput: the front part of the head or skull (including the forehead).

Face: a surface forming part of the outside of an object.

Rectosigmoid: of or related to or near the sigmoid colon and the upper part of the rectum.

Aegis: armor plate that protects the chest; the front part of a cuirass.

Cutting: a piece cut off from the main part of something.

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