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1 of 3) Vanity : احساس برتری Ehsas E Bartari : (noun) feelings of excessive pride.

Urdu Synonym(s) : مغرور ہونے کی حالت Magroor Honay Ki Halat زعم Zaeam

English Synonym(s) : Amour Propre Conceit Self-Love

Related : Pridefulness


2 of 3) Vanity : غرور Gharoor : (noun) the trait of being unduly vain and conceited; false pride.

Urdu Synonym(s) : زعم باطل Zaeam Batil

English Synonym(s) : Conceit Conceitedness

Related : Trait Self-Love Vainglory

3 of 3) Vanity : سنگھار میز Singhar Mez : (noun) low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup.

English Synonym(s) : Dresser Dressing Table Toilet Table

Related : Table

Vanity in Book Titles

The Vanity of Arts and Sciences.
At Vanity Fair: From Bunyan to ThackerayHenry Dresser and Victorian Ornithology: Birds, Books and Business.

Useful Words

Conceited Egotistic Egotistical Self-Conceited Swollen Swollen-Headed Vain : مغرور Magroor : characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance. "A conceited fool"

Excessive Inordinate Undue Unreasonable : ناجائز کی حد تک Najaiz Ki Had Tak : beyond normal limits. "Excessive charges of oil"

False : باطل Batil : not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality. "Don`t make false statements"

Feeling : احساس Ehsas : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. "It`s a matter of feeling"

Pride Pridefulness : غرور Gharoor : a feeling of self-respect and personal worth.

Trait : خاصیت Khasiyat : a distinguishing feature of your personal nature. "This building of Istanbul is so beautiful because the trait of architect of this building is that he has mastered the art of sketching"

Unduly : حد سے زیادہ Had Se Zyada : to an undue degree. "She was unduly pessimistic about her future"

Bootless Fruitless Futile Sleeveless Vain : بے فائدہ Be Faida : unproductive of success. "A fruitless search"