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Vaunt   Meaning in Urdu

1. Vaunt : ڈینگیں مارنا - شیخی بگھارنا : (noun) extravagant self-praise.

Boast, Boasting, Jactitation, Self-Praise - speaking of yourself in superlatives.

Excessive, Extravagant, Exuberant, Overweening : بے حد : unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings. "Extravagant praise"

Congratulations, Extolment, Kudos, Praise : تعریف کرنا : an expression of approval and commendation. "I praised him"

Ego, Self : خود شناسی : your consciousness of your own identity.

ٹی وی پر تبلیغ کرنے والے