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1) Veiling : جالی Jali : (noun) a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave.

Urdu Synonym(s) : نقاب بنانے کا کپڑا Naqab Banane Ka Kapra نقاب Naqaab

English Synonym(s) : Gauze Netting

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Useful Words

Cloth Fabric Material Textile : لباس Libas : artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers. "Have you made the clothes?"

Loose : ڈھیلا ڈھالا Dhela Dahala : not tight; not closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "Loose clothing"

Cyberspace Internet Net : انٹرنيٹ Internet : a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange. "Did you get the internet installed?"

Clear Open : کھلا Khulla : a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water. "Finally broke out of the forest into the open"

Crystal Clear Crystalline Limpid Lucid Pellucid Transparent : شفاف Shafaaf : transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity. "The cold crystalline water of melted snow"

Interweave Weave : بننا Banna : interlace by or as if by weaving.

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