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Vernal meaning in Urdu

Vernal Sentence

The vernal equinox.

Vernal Synonyms

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Vernal in Detail

1 of 2) Vernal, Young, Youthful : جوان : (satellite adjective) suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh.

Related : Young : (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth.

2 of 2) Vernal : بہاری, موسم بہار کا : (adjective) of or characteristic of or occurring in spring.

Useful Words

Characteristic, Feature : خصوصیت : a prominent attribute or aspect of something. "New feature in Honada car".

Fresh, Impertinent, Impudent, Overbold, Sassy, Saucy, Smart, Wise : بے ادب : improperly forward or bold. "Don`t be fresh with me".

Bound, Jump, Leap, Spring : اچک کر آگے بڑھنا : move forward by leaps and bounds. "The horse bounded across the meadow".

Indicative, Indicatory, Revelatory, Significative, Suggestive : مظہر : (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly. "Actions indicative of fear".

Juvenility, Youth, Youthfulness : جوانی : the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person. "He was a good player in his youth".

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