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Vileness meaning in Urdu

Vileness Sentence

The vileness of his language surprised us.

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Vileness in Detail

1 of 2) Vileness, Nefariousness, Ugliness, Wickedness : بدمعاشی : (noun) the quality of being wicked.

Related : Evilness : the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice. Enormity : the quality of extreme wickedness.

2 of 2) Vileness, Loathsomeness, Lousiness, Repulsiveness, Sliminess, Wickedness : کراہیت, بد ذوقی, ناگواریت : (noun) the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions.

Related : Offensiveness : the quality of being offensive.

Useful Words

Scoundrel, Villain : کمینہ : a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately. "We should condemn scoundrels of our society".

Evilly, Wickedly : شرارت سے : in a wicked evil manner. "Act wickedly".

Black, Dark, Sinister : منحوس : stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable. "Black deeds".

Enormity : گناہگاری : the quality of extreme wickedness.

Malevolence, Malevolency, Malice : نقصان دہ : the quality of threatening evil.

Malignance, Malignancy, Malignity : شر : quality of being disposed to evil; intense ill will.

Balefulness, Maleficence, Mischief : شر : the quality or nature of being harmful or evil.

Unsightliness : بدصورتی : ugliness that is unpleasant to look at.

Unattractiveness : غیر پرکشش : an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewers.

Hideousness : ہولناکی : dreadful ugliness; horrible repulsiveness. "Its hideousness is revealed".

Retaliate, Strike Back : انتقام : make a counterattack and return like for like, especially evil for evil. "The Empire strikes back".

Enormity : گناہ : an act of extreme wickedness.

Devilish, Diabolic, Diabolical, Mephistophelean, Mephistophelian : شیطانیت سے متعلق : showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil. "Devilish schemes".

Nefarious, Villainous : بدمعاش : extremely wicked. "Nefarious schemes".

Wretch : برا کام کرنا : performs some wicked deed.

Demon, Devil, Fiend, Monster, Ogre : شیطان صفت انسان : a cruel wicked and inhuman person. "I have never seen any demon like him".

Misbehavior, Misbehaviour, Misdeed : بدکاری کرنا : improper or wicked or immoral behavior. "Every misdeed always has a bad consequence".

Flagitious, Heinous : وحشیانہ : extremely wicked, deeply criminal. "A flagitious crime".

Iniquitous, Sinful, Ungodly : گناہ کی بات : characterized by iniquity; wicked because it is believed to be a sin. "Its sinful".

Gehenna, Tartarus : جہنم : a place where the wicked are punished after death.

Decency : معقولیت : the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable. "He entered without a spark of decency".

Malevolence, Malignity : کسی کا برا چاہنا : wishing evil to others.

Curse, Hex, Jinx, Whammy : جادو : an evil spell. "A witch put a curse on his whole family".

Daemon, Daimon, Demon, Devil, Fiend : آسیب : an evil supernatural being. "Her daughter was possessed by a demon".

Boding, Foreboding, Premonition, Presentiment : اندیشہ : a feeling of evil to come. "I have a presentiment".

Evil-Looking : شیطان جیسا : having an evil appearance.

Bogey, Bogie, Bogy : بہوت : an evil spirit.

Maleficence : ضرر رسانی : doing or causing evil.

Ability : صلاحیت : the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment. "We hired you because of your ability to design houses, but you already messed up the measurement in your first try to make a sketch of house".

Call : کہنا : ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. "He called me a bastard".

Anathemise, Anathemize, Bedamn, Beshrew, Curse, Damn, Imprecate, Maledict : کوسنا : wish evil upon; appeal harm upon. "Mr Hussain adopted a child from the hospital because he had no baby but he became a criminal when he grew up and Mr Hussain still curse the day when he adopted him".