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Vine meaning in Urdu

Vine Sentence

Beautiful vine with yellow flowers.

Vine Definitions

1) Vine : بیل : (noun) a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface.


Useful Words

Agdestis : پھولدار بیل , Tendril : بیل کی شاخ , Actinidia Chinensis : کیوی , Actinidia Arguta : چھوٹی کیوی , Branch : شاخ , Aerophyte : ذیلی پودہ , Peanut : مونگ پھلی , Honeysuckle : لمبے پھول والا پودا , Grapelike : انگور کی طرح کا پھل , Cardiospermum Grandiflorum : امریکی بیل , Cantaloup : سردا , Actinidia : کیوی پھل , Gourd : تونبا , Supplejack : سیر کی چھڑی , Adlumia Fungosa : گلابی پھول والی بیل , Common Ivy : سدا بہار بیل , Straw Wine : آدھ پکے انگوروں کی شراب , Dioscorea Elephantipes : جنوبی افریقی پودا , Cantaloup : گرما , Ecballium Elaterium : پھوٹ کھیرا , Campsis Radicans : ترم پھول , Genus Hedera : ہیدرا پودا , Actinidia Polygama : پیلی کیوی کی بیل , Treillage : جنگلا , Carolina Jasmine : زرد چنبیلی , Sweet Potato : شکر قندی , Axis : تنا , Canada Moonseed : بزر القمر , Honeydew : سردے جیسا میٹھا پھل , Amphicarpa Bracteata : جنگلی مونگ پھلی , Strangler : گلا گہونٹ دینے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Agdestis: a genus with one species that is a rapidly growing climbing vine with tuberous roots; grown in hot climates.

Tendril: slender stem-like structure by which some twining plants attach themselves to an object for support.

Actinidia Chinensis: climbing vine native to China; cultivated in New Zealand for its fuzzy edible fruit with green meat.

Actinidia Arguta: climbing Asiatic vine having long finely serrate leaves and racemes of white flowers followed by greenish-yellow edible fruit.

Branch: a division of a stem, or secondary stem arising from the main stem of a plant.

Aerophyte: plant that derives moisture and nutrients from the air and rain; usually grows on another plant but not parasitic on it.

Peanut: underground pod of the peanut vine.

Honeysuckle: shrub or vine of the genus Lonicera.

Grapelike: resembling the fruit of a grape vine.

Cardiospermum Grandiflorum: herbaceous vine of tropical America and Africa.

Cantaloup: a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh.

Actinidia: small Asiatic woody vine bearing many-seeded fruit.

Gourd: any vine of the family Cucurbitaceae that bears fruits with hard rinds.

Supplejack: walking stick made from the wood of an American tropical vine.

Adlumia Fungosa: vine with feathery leaves and white or pinkish flowers; sometimes placed in genus Fumaria.

Common Ivy: Old World vine with lobed evergreen leaves and black berrylike fruits.

Straw Wine: sweet wine from grapes partially sun-dried on the vine or on straw mats.

Dioscorea Elephantipes: South African vine having a massive rootstock covered with deeply fissured bark.

Cantaloup: the fruit of a cantaloup vine; small to medium-sized melon with yellowish flesh.

Ecballium Elaterium: Mediterranean vine having oblong fruit that when ripe expels its seeds and juice violently when touched.

Campsis Radicans: a North American woody vine having pinnate leaves and large red trumpet-shaped flowers.

Genus Hedera: Hedera, commonly called ivy, is a evergreen climbing or ground-creeping woody plants in the family Araliaceae.

Actinidia Polygama: ornamental vine of eastern Asia having yellow edible fruit and leaves with silver-white markings.

Treillage: latticework used to support climbing plants.

Carolina Jasmine: poisonous woody evergreen vine of southeastern United States having fragrant yellow funnel-shaped flowers.

Sweet Potato: the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato vine which is grown widely in warm regions of the United States.

Axis: the main stem or central part about which plant organs or plant parts such as branches are arranged.

Canada Moonseed: a woody vine of eastern North America having large oval leaves and small white flowers and purple to blue-black fruits.

Honeydew: the fruit of a variety of winter melon vine; a large smooth greenish-white melon with pale green flesh.

Amphicarpa Bracteata: vine widely distributed in eastern North America producing racemes of purple to maroon flowers and abundant (usually subterranean) edible one-seeded pods resembling peanuts.

Strangler: an epiphytic vine or tree whose aerial roots extend down the trunk of a supporting tree and coalesce around it eventually strangling the tree.

Related Words

Clematis : تلسی بیل , Aristolochia Clematitis : برتوارٹ پودا جس کے پھول مڑے ہوتے ہیں