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Wag meaning in Urdu

Wag Sentence

The happy dog wagged his tail.

Wag Synonyms


Wag Definitions

1 of 3) Wag, Card, Wit : جوکر : (noun) a witty amusing person who makes jokes.

3 of 3) Wag, Shake, Waggle : ڈگمگانہ : (noun) causing to move repeatedly from side to side.

Useful Words

Joker : مسخرہ , Comedian : ہنسانے والا , Clerihew : رباعی , Boodle : تاش جوئے کا ایک کھیل , Donor Card : دونر کارڈ , Card Shark : پتے باز , Cut-Up : مذاق میں دھوکہ دینے والا , Gag : شغل کرنا , Charge Card : کریڈٹ کارڈ , Jesting : مذاقا , Epigram : خوش پوش فقرہ , Crack : شوخ رائے , Wittily : سمجھ بوجھ سے , Waggish : مسخرے پن کا , Slapstick : تماشہ , Charlatan : بہروپیا , Light Opera : چھوٹا اوپیرا , Fun : مزا , Amusingly : تفریح کے نقطہ نظر سے , Pleasantry : مسرت , All Fools' Day : بےوقوف بنانے کا دن , Zinger : چبھتا جملہ , Humorist : لطیفہ گو , Codger : انوکھا آدمی , Brightness : ذہانت , Funny : مزاحیہ , Caustic Remark : طنز , Comeback : منہ توڑ جواب , Acquirer : تاجروں کو تجارتی قرضے دینے والا بینک , Birthday Card : سالگرہ کا کارڈ , Card : شناختی کارڈ

Useful Words Definitions

Joker: a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes.

Comedian: a professional person who makes people laugh by jokes and comedy.

Clerihew: a witty satiric verse containing two rhymed couplets and mentioning a famous person.

Boodle: a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card.

Donor Card: a card that you carry on your person and that authorizes the use of your organs for transplantation after your death.

Card Shark: a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games.

Cut-Up: someone who plays practical jokes on others.

Gag: make jokes or quips.

Charge Card: a card (usually plastic) that assures a seller that the person using it has a satisfactory credit rating and that the issuer will see to it that the seller receives payment for the merchandise delivered.

Jesting: characterized by jokes and good humor.

Epigram: a witty saying.

Crack: witty remark.

Wittily: in a witty manner.

Waggish: witty or joking.

Slapstick: a boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes.

Charlatan: a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes.

Light Opera: a short amusing opera.

Fun: activities that are enjoyable or amusing.

Amusingly: in an entertaining and amusing manner.

Pleasantry: an agreeable or amusing remark.

All Fools' Day: the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes and trap people.

Zinger: a striking or amusing or caustic remark.

Humorist: someone who acts speaks or writes in an amusing way.

Codger: used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man.

Brightness: intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty.

Funny: an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line).

Caustic Remark: witty language used to convey insults or scorn.

Comeback: a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one).

Acquirer: a credit card processing bank; merchants receive credit for credit card receipts less a processing fee.

Birthday Card: a card expressing a birthday greeting.

Card: a card certifying the identity of the bearer.

Related Words

Agitation : ہیجان , Colloquialism : عام بول چال , Jiggle : ہلانا

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