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Walkout meaning in Urdu

Walkout Sentence

There was a walkout by the Black members as the chairman rose to speak.

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Walkout in Detail

1 of 2) Walkout : کارکنوں کی ہڑتال : (noun) a strike in which the workers walk out.

Related : Work Stoppage : a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions.

2 of 2) Walkout : کسی جگہ سے احتجاج کے طور پر جانا : (noun) the act of walking out (of a meeting or organization) as a sign of protest.

Related : Protest : the act of protesting; a public (often organized) manifestation of dissent.

Useful Words

Sympathetic Strike, Sympathy Strike : کسی کی ہمدردی میں کی گئی ہڑتال : a strike in support of other workers who are on strike; a strike not resulting from direct grievances against the workers' employer.

Blackleg, Rat, Scab, Strikebreaker : ہڑتال میں بھی کام کرنے والا : someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike.

Strikebreaking : ہڑتال ختم کرنے کا عمل : confrontational activities intended to break up a strike by workers.

Wildcat Strike : غیر قانونی ہڑتال : a strike undertaken by workers without approval from the officials of their union.

Sit-Down, Sit-Down Strike : وہ ہڑتال جس میں ہڑتالی گھر نہیں جاتے : a strike in which workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached.

Hew : کلہاڑی سے کاٹنا : strike with an axe; cut down, strike. "Hew an oak".

Sideswipe : بغلی ضرب : strike from the side.

Knap, Rap : چٹخانا : strike sharply. "Rap him on the knuckles".

Percuss : تیزی سے ضرب لگانا : strike or tap firmly. "The doctor percussed his chest and back".

Batter, Buffet, Knock About : مارنا : strike against forcefully. "Winds buffeted the tent".

Tap, Tip : تھپتھپانا : strike lightly. "He tapped me on the shoulder".

Bat : بلے سے مارنا : strike with, or as if with a baseball bat. "Pakistan yet to bat".

Biff, Pommel, Pummel : مکا مارنا : strike, usually with the fist. "The pedestrians pummeled the demonstrators".

Clap : ہوا میں ٹکرانا : strike the air in flight. "The wings of the birds clapped loudly".

Gun Down : گولی مار کر قتل کرنا : strike down or shoot down. "Two political activists were gunned down".

Cudgel, Fustigate : ڈنڈا مارنا : strike with a cudgel.

Bang, Slam : مارنا : strike violently. "Slam the ball".

Kick : لات مارنا : strike with the foot. "The boy kicked the dog".

Bludgeon, Club : ڈنڈے سے مارنا : strike with a club or a bludgeon.

Atomise, Atomize, Nuke, Zap : گولہ باری کرنا : strike at with firepower or bombs. "Zap the enemy".

Slog, Slug, Swig : اندھا دھند مار نا : strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat. "He slugged me so hard that I passed out".

Appal, Appall, Offend, Outrage, Scandalise, Scandalize, Shock : دھچکا لگنا : strike with disgust or revulsion. "His action appalled me".

Shock : صدمہ پہنچانا : strike with horror or terror. "The incident of nine eleven shocked the world".

Baste, Batter, Clobber : باربار مارنا : strike violently and repeatedly. "She clobbered the man who tried to attack her".

Bunt, Butt : ٹکر مارنا : to strike, thrust or shove against. "He butted his sister out of the way".

Stub : ٹہوکر سے پیر کی انگلی کا زخمی ہوجانا : strike (one's toe) accidentally against an object. "She stubbed her toe in the dark and now it's broken".

Strikebound : ہڑتال زدہ : closed or immobilized by a strike. "A strikebound airline".

Swipe : ضرب لگانا : strike with a swiping motion.

Buff, Buffet : مسلسل لگنا : strike, beat repeatedly. "The wind buffeted him".

Stroke : مارنا : strike a ball with a smooth blow.

Pound, Ram, Ram Down : کسی بھاری چیز سے مارنا : strike or drive against with a heavy impact. "Ram the gate with a sledgehammer".

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