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1) Warehouseman, Warehouser : گودام سنبھالنے والا, کوٹھی دار : (noun) a workman who manages or works in a warehouse.

Related : Workman : an employee who performs manual or industrial labor.

Useful Words

Repositing, Reposition, Storage, Warehousing : ذخیرہ کر نا : depositing in a warehouse. "They decided to reposition their furniture in a recommended repository in Brooklyn".

Godown : گودام : (in India and Malaysia) a warehouse.

Teamsters Union : صنعتی مزدور وں کی انجمن : an industrial union of truck drivers and chauffeurs and warehouse workers.

Steward : منتظم : someone who manages property or other affairs for someone else.

Market Keeper, Shopkeeper, Storekeeper, Tradesman : دکان دار : a merchant who owns or manages a shop.

Overseer, Superintendent : نگران کار : a person who directs and manages an organization.

Administrator, Executive : امیر : someone who manages a government agency or department.

Industrialist : صنعت کار : someone who manages or has significant financial interest in an industrial enterprise.

Sommelier, Wine Steward, Wine Waiter : کسی ریسٹوران میں شراب پلانے والا : a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant.

Homemaker, Housewife, Lady Of The House, Woman Of The House : گھریلو بیوی : a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income. "He wants woman of the house".

Scratcher : کھرونچنے والا آلہ استعمال کرنے والا آدمی : a workman who uses a tool for scratching.

Lather : پٹی لگانے والا : a workman who puts up laths.

Workmanlike : کرنے کر لائق : worthy of a good workman. "A competent job".

Sponger : اسفنج اکٹھا کرنے والا شخص : a workman employed to collect sponges.

Blaster, Chargeman : دھماکہ کرنے والا : a workman employed to blast with explosives.

Shearer : کاٹنے والا اوزار : a workman who uses shears to cut leather or metal or textiles.

Platelayer, Tracklayer : ریلوے لائن بنانے والا : a workman who lays and repairs railroad tracks.

Bagger, Boxer, Packer : سامان پیک کرنے والا : a workman employed to pack things into containers.

Wetter : کام کے غرض سے گیلا کرنے والا : a workman who wets the work in a manufacturing process.

Lacer : ڈوری وغیرہ سے سینے والا : a workman who laces shoes or footballs or books (during binding).

Roundsman : معائنہ کرنے والا شخص : a workman employed to make rounds (to deliver goods or make inspections or so on).

Free-Lance, Freelance, Self-Employed : آزاد پیشہ : working for yourself. "Freelance jobs in Karachi".

Coaction, Collaboration : اشتراک : act of working jointly. "They worked either in collaboration or independently".

Overwork, Overworking : بساط سے زیادہ کام : the act of working too much or too long. "He became ill from overwork".

Tues, Tuesday : منگل : the third day of the week; the second working day. "He had come on tuesday".

Broken-Down : خراب : not in working order. "Had to push the broken-down car".

Mon, Monday : پیر : the second day of the week; the first working day.

Bad, Defective : خراب : not working properly. "A bad telephone connection".

Fix, Fixing, Fixture, Mend, Mending, Repair, Reparation : مرمت : the act of putting something in working order again. "They will not be able to play cricket today because the ground is being repaired".

Landscape Gardening, Landscaping : باغوں کی منصوبہ بندی : working as a landscape gardener.

Midweek, Wed, Wednesday : بدھ : the fourth day of the week; the third working day. "Wednesday night was so nice".

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