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Wazni : وزنی

1. Heavy : وزنی : (adjective) of comparatively great physical weight or density.

2. Ponderous : وزنی - بوجھل : having great mass and weight and unwieldiness.

Bhari Pan : Unwieldiness : the quality of being difficult to direct or control by reason of complexity. "Avoiding the unwieldiness of formal legal processes"

Madda : Mass : the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field.

Wazan : Weight : the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity. "Keep losing your weight"

Ghana Pan, Ijtima, Kasafat : Density : the spatial property of being crowded together.

Badi Tadad, Wafir Miqdar : Mass : the property of something that is great in magnitude. "It is cheaper to buy it in bulk"

Ahmiyat : Weight : the relative importance granted to something. "His opinion carries great weight"

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