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Weisenheimer Meaning in Urdu

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1 شیخی خورا Sheikhi Khura اپنی بڑائی بیان کر نے والا Apni Barae Bayaan Kar Nay Wala : Smart Aleck Wise Guy Wiseacre Wisenheimer Weisenheimer : (noun) an upstart who makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments.

Related : Upstart : an arrogant or presumptuous person.

Useful Words

Comment Notice Point Out Remark : تبصرہ دینا Tabsara Dena : make or write a comment on. "He commented the paper of his colleague"

Flip Impudent Insolent Snotty-Nosed : گستاخ Gustakh : marked by casual disrespect. "A flip answer to serious question"

Make : بنانا Banana : act in a certain way so as to acquire. "Make friends"

Arriviste Nouveau-Riche Parvenu Upstart : نیا نیا امیر شخص Naya Naya Amir Shakhs : a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class. "My friend is an arriviste"

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