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Welfare State meaning in Urdu

Welfare State Definitions

1) Welfare State : فلاحی ریاست : (noun) a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc.


Useful Words

Community Service : فلاح عامہ , Department Of Health And Human Services : سماجی ادارہ , Welfare-Statist : فلاح و بہبود سے متعلق , Methodism : طریقت , Aarp : بزرگوں کی فلاحی تنظیم , 1st Earl Attlee : رچرڈ اٹلی , Coldheartedness : خود غرضی , Adverse : مخالف , Softheartedness : رحم دلی , Philanthropic Gift : خدمت خلق , Altruism : جذبہ ایثار , Altruistic : دوسروں کی بھلائی چاہنے والا , Selfishness : مطلب پرستی , Compliments : نیک خواہشات , Do-Gooder : فلاحی کام کرنے والا , Humanism : انسان دوستی , Social Work : سماجی کام , Purser : بھنڈاری , Community Chest : سماجی خیراتی ادارہ , Sensation : سنسنی , Obloquy : ملامت آمیز , Pro Bono : خیرات , Park : پارک , Housing Commissioner : رہائشگاہوں کا کمشنر , Citizenry : لوگ , Fisc : سرکاری خزانہ , Ticket : کاغذ کا پرز , National : قومی , In Public : عوامی انداز میں , Colony : بستی , Subsidy : عطیہ

Useful Words Definitions

Community Service: public service refers to services provided by government or non-profit organizations for the benefit of the community or general public. These services can include healthcare, education, transportation, and social welfare programs.

Department Of Health And Human Services: the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with health and welfare; created in 1979.

Welfare-Statist: of or relating to a welfare state.

Methodism: the religious beliefs and practices of Methodists characterized by concern with social welfare and public morals.

Aarp: an association of people to promote the welfare of senior citizens.

1st Earl Attlee: British statesman and leader of the Labour Party who instituted the welfare state in Britain (1883-1967).

Coldheartedness: an absence of concern for the welfare of others.

Adverse: contrary to your interests or welfare.

Softheartedness: a feeling of concern for the welfare of someone (especially someone defenseless).

Philanthropic Gift: voluntary promotion of human welfare.

Altruism: the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

Altruistic: showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

Selfishness: stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others.

Compliments: (usually plural) a polite expression of desire for someone`s welfare.

Do-Gooder: someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms.

Humanism: the doctrine that people's duty is to promote human welfare.

Social Work: any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children.

Purser: an officer aboard a ship who keeps accounts and attends to the passengers' welfare.

Community Chest: a charity supported by individual subscriptions; defrays the demands on a community for social welfare.

Sensation: a state of widespread public excitement and interest.

Obloquy: state of disgrace resulting from public abuse.

Pro Bono: done for the public good without compensation.

Park: a large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property.

Housing Commissioner: a commissioner in charge of public housing.

Citizenry: the body of citizens of a state or country.

Fisc: a state treasury or exchequer or a royal treasury; originally the public treasury of Rome or the emperor`s private purse.

Ticket: a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment).

National: owned or maintained for the public by the national government.

In Public: something is done, expressed, or conducted in a manner that is observable or accessible to the public. It indicates that an action or statement is done openly or in a public setting, without secrecy or privacy.

Colony: a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state`s system of government.

Subsidy: a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public.

Related Words

State : حکومت

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