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Wellbeing meaning in Urdu

Wellbeing Sentence

State of wellbeing.

Wellbeing Synonyms


Wellbeing Definitions

1) Wellbeing, Eudaemonia, Eudaimonia, Upbeat, Welfare, Well-Being : خیر خیریت : (noun) a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

Useful Words

Health : صحت , Fool's Paradise : احمقوں کی جنت , Blissful : خوش , Comfort Food : اچھا کھانا , Content : مطمئن , Complacent : مطمئن , Purr : خرخر جیسی آواز , Lean : غیر نفع بخش , Prosperously : کامیابی سے , Better Off : زیادہ خوشحال , Gladden : مسرور ہونا , Jolly : خوش , Blithe : بے فکرا , Beatify : خوش کرنا , Gratify : خوش اور اطمینان بخشنا ہونا , Gladden : خوش ہونا , Glad : خوشی , Happy : خوش مزاج , Farhan : خوش , Comedy : مزاحیہ فلم یا ڈرامہ , Halcyon : پر سکون , Heal : صحت مند ہونا , Celebration : جشن , Bouncing : تندرست , Fit Fat : ٹھیک ٹھاک , Rosiness : سرخی , Strengthen : قوت بڑھانا , Able : مضبوط جسم والا , Be Well : تندرست ہونا , Unsoundness : عدم صحت , Bring Around : صحت یاب کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Health: a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease.

Fool's Paradise: an illusory state of wellbeing.

Blissful: completely happy and contented.

Comfort Food: food that is simply prepared and gives a sense of wellbeing; typically food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content that is associated with childhood or with home cooking.

Content: the state of being contented with your situation in life.

Complacent: contented to a fault with oneself or one`s actions.

Purr: a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat.

Lean: not profitable or prosperous.

Prosperously: in the manner of prosperous people.

Better Off: in a more fortunate or prosperous condition.

Gladden: become glad or happy.

Jolly: a happy party.

Blithe: carefree and happy and lighthearted.

Beatify: make blessedly happy.

Gratify: make happy or satisfied.

Gladden: make glad or happy.

Glad: feeling happy appreciation.

Happy: noticeably happy and optimistic,pleasant.

Farhan: muslim boy name which means mirthful, gay and happy.

Comedy: light and humorous drama with a happy ending.

Halcyon: idyllically calm and peaceful; suggesting happy tranquillity.

Heal: get healthy again.

Celebration: a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event.

Bouncing: vigorously healthy.

Fit Fat: in a good or healthy condition.

Rosiness: a healthy reddish complexion.

Strengthen: give a healthy elasticity to.

Able: having a strong healthy body.

Be Well: be healthy; feel good.

Unsoundness: not mentally or physically healthy.

Bring Around: provide a cure for, make healthy again.

Related Words

Prosperity : کامرانی

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