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Withering meaning in Urdu

Withering Sentence

The guns opened a withering fire.

Withering Synonyms

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Withering in Detail

1 of 2) Withering, Atrophy : لاغری, کمزور پڑتا : (noun) any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use).

Related : Weakening : becoming weaker.

2 of 2) Withering, Annihilating, Annihilative, Devastating : تباہ کن : (satellite adjective) wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction.

Related : Destructive : causing destruction or much damage.

Useful Words

Attenuation, Fading : تخفیف : weakening in force or intensity. "Attenuation in the volume of the sound".

Debilitation, Enervation, Enfeeblement, Exhaustion : کمزوری کا عمل : serious weakening and loss of energy.

Annihilation, Obliteration : مٹانے کا عمل : destruction by annihilating something.

Blight : پودوں کی بیماری : any plant disease resulting in withering without rotting.

Atrophic : دبلا : relating to or characterized by atrophy. "Atrophic arthritis".

Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Amd : عمر کے مطابق جسمانی زوال : macular degeneration that is age-related.

Osteitis : ہڈی کی سوزش : inflammation of a bone as a consequence of infection or trauma or degeneration.

Abiotrophy : اعصابی کمزوری : a loss of vitality and a degeneration of cells and tissues not due to any apparent injury.

Locomotor Ataxia, Tabes Dorsalis : ایک قسم کی ریڑھ کی ہڈی کی بیماری : syphilis of the spinal cord characterized by degeneration of sensory neurons and stabbing pains in the trunk and legs and unsteady gait and incontinence and impotence.

Cataclysmal, Cataclysmic : تباہ کن : severely destructive. "Cataclysmic nuclear war".

Destructively : تباہ کن انداز سے : in a destructive manner. "He is destructively aggressive".

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, Hereditary Motor And Sensory Neuropathy : اعصابی بیماری : a form of neuropathy that can begin between childhood and young adulthood; characterized by weakness and atrophy of the muscles of the hands and lower legs; progression is slow and individuals affected can have a normal life span; inheritance is X-linked recessive or X-linked dominant.

Armageddon : تباہ کن جنگ : any catastrophically destructive battle. "They called the first World War an Armageddon".

Fire : آگ : the event of something burning (often destructive). "They lost everything in the fire".

Depredation, Ravage : بربادی : (usually plural) a destructive action. "The ravages of time".

Demoralising, Demoralizing, Disheartening, Dispiriting : دل شکن : destructive of morale and self-reliance.

Common European Earwig, Forficula Auricularia : یورپی جھینگر : sometimes destructive to cultivated bulbs. "The European earwig is an invasive species".

Rampage, Violent Disorder : غصہ : violently angry and destructive behavior.

Rampageous : غضب ناک : displaying raging violence; often destructive. "The hot rampageous horses of my will".

Carbonisation, Carbonization : کاربن کاری : the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens).

Cockchafer, May Beetle, May Bug, Melolontha Melolontha : یورپی بہونرا : any of various large European beetles destructive to vegetation as both larvae and adult.

Pyroligneous, Pyrolignic : لکڑی کی کشید سے پیدا کیا ہوا یا حاصل کردہ : of a substance produced by the effect of heat on wood, especially by destructive distillation.

Pest : کیڑے : any unwanted and destructive insect or other animal that attacks food or crops or livestock etc.. "He sprayed the garden to get rid of pests".

Pine Tar : صنوبری تارکول : a dark viscous substance obtained from the destructive distillation of pine wood.

Tsunami : سمندری زلزلے سے ابھرنے والی بہت بڑی لہر : a cataclysm resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption. "The tsunami warnings issued in different countries after a strong earthquake".

Thrip, Thripid, Thrips : نبات چوس کیڑا : any of various small to minute sucking insects with narrow feathery wings if any; they feed on plant sap and many are destructive.

Iconoclastic : بت شکنی سے متعلق : destructive of images used in religious worship; said of religions, such as Islam, in which the representation of living things is prohibited.

Hcfc, Hydrochlorofluorocarbon : ٹھنڈا کرنے والی گیس : a fluorocarbon that is replacing chlorofluorocarbon as a refrigerant and propellant in aerosol cans; considered to be somewhat less destructive to the atmosphere.

Tidal Wave : سمندر میں اٹھنے والی خطرناک لہر : an unusual (and often destructive) rise of water along the seashore caused by a storm or a combination of wind and high tide.

Mealy Bug, Mealybug : آٹے کا کیڑا : scalelike plant-eating insect coated with a powdery waxy secretion; destructive especially of fruit trees.

Tornado, Twister : طوفان : a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground. "I saw a tornado".

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