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1) Wittiness, Humor, Humour, Wit, Witticism : مذاق, طنزومزح, لطیفہ گوئی : (noun) a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter.

Related : Pungency : wit having a sharp and caustic quality. Satire : witty language used to convey insults or scorn. Repartee : adroitness and cleverness in reply.

Useful Words

Zinger : چبھتا جملہ : a striking or amusing or caustic remark. "He always greeted me with a new zinger".

Gag, Jape, Jest, Joke, Laugh : ہنسانے والی بات : a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter. "Thanks for the jest".

Pathos : جوش : a style that has the power to evoke feelings.

Disgruntle : اداس ہونا : put into a bad mood or into bad humour. "The employees were disgruntled by their bad working conditions".

Backchat, Banter, Give-And-Take, Raillery : زبان درازی : light teasing repartee. "Do not backchat me".

Transmission, Transmittal, Transmitting : ترسیل کا عمل : the act of sending a message; causing a message to be transmitted.

Salesmanship : سودا فروشی : skill in selling; skill in persuading people to buy. "He read a book on salesmanship but it didn't help".

Devilish, Diabolic, Diabolical, Mephistophelean, Mephistophelian : شیطانیت سے متعلق : showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil. "Devilish schemes".

Call Forth, Evoke, Kick Up, Provoke : مشتعل کرنا : evoke or provoke to appear or occur. "Her behavior provoked a quarrel between the two families".

Caustically, Vitriolically : ہتک آمیز طور پر : in a caustic vitriolic manner. "He addressed her caustically".

Bite, Pungency : تیزی : wit having a sharp and caustic quality. "He commented with typical pungency".

Calcium Hydrate, Calcium Hydroxide, Caustic Lime, Hydrated Lime, Lime, Lime Hydrate, Slaked Lime : چونا : a caustic substance produced by heating limestone. "Spread lime paste on betel leaf".

Express Joy, Express Mirth, Laugh : ہنسنا : produce laughter. "I laughed just for your sake".

Laughingly : ہنسی خوشی : with laughter; while laughing. "He told the story laughingly".

Convulse : ہنسنا : be overcome with laughter.

Amusing, Comic, Comical, Funny, Laughable, Mirthful, Risible : مزاحیہ : relating to laughter and comedy. "He has a comic watch".

Blackguard, Guy, Jest At, Laugh At, Make Fun, Poke Fun, Rib, Ridicule, Roast : مذاق اڑانا : subject to laughter or ridicule. "The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house".

Laughably, Ludicrously, Preposterously, Ridiculously : مضحک طور پر : so as to arouse or deserve laughter. "Her income was laughably small, but she managed to live well".

Convulse : ہنساکر لوٹ پوٹ کردینا : make someone convulse with laughter. "The comedian convulsed the crowd".

Cachinnation : قہقہہ : loud convulsive laughter.

Belly Laugh, Guffaw : قہقہہ : a burst of deep loud hearty laughter. "His guffaw echoed across the house".

Hilarious, Screaming, Uproarious : ہنسی مذاق سے بھرپور : marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter. "When people came out of the cinema hall, people were asked how was the movie? and everybody said it was hilarious".

Crack, Quip, Sally, Wisecrack : شوخ رائے : witty remark.

Adieu, Adios, Arrivederci, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Bye, Bye-Bye, Cheerio, Good Day, Good-By, Good-Bye, Goodby, Goodbye, Sayonara, So Long : خدا حافظ : a farewell remark. "He did say goodbye".

Rib : تنگ کرنے والی بات : a teasing remark. "A rib comment".

Banality, Bromide, Cliche, Commonplace, Platitude : مقالہ : a trite or obvious remark. "Cliche in literature books".

Mention, Reference : تذکرہ : a remark that calls attention to something or someone. "Paper was as awesome, can`t be mentioned".

Impromptu : مطالعہ کے بغیر : an extemporaneous speech or remark. "A witty impromptu must not sound premeditated".

Pleasantry : مسرت : an agreeable or amusing remark. "They exchange pleasantries".

Abetment, Abettal, Instigation : ترغیب : the verbal act of urging on. "Ther were talking about abetment".

Offer, Offering : پیش کرنا : the verbal act of offering. "A generous offer of assistance".

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