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وہ جگہ جہاں کھیلوں کے مُقابلے مُنعقِد ہوتے ہیں : Wo Jaga Jahan Khelon Kay Muqably Munaqid Hotay Hain Meaning in English

Wo Jaga Jahan Khelon Kay Muqably Munaqid Hotay Hain in Detail

1) وہ جگہ جہاں کھیلوں کے مقابلے منعقد ہوتے ہیں : Gymkhana : (noun) a meet at which riders and horses display a range of skills and aptitudes.


Useful Words

صلاحیت : Aptitude : inherent ability.

ظاہر کرنا : Display : to show, make visible or apparent. "The Metropolitan Museum is exhibiting Goya's works this month".

گھوڑا : Equus Caballus : solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times. "You can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink".

پورا ہونا : Fill : fill or meet a want or need. "As she told me she would meet me today, she fulfilled her promise".

حلقہ : Ambit : an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:. "The range of a new fighter jet".

سواری کرنے والا : Rider : a traveler who actively rides an animal (as a horse or camel).

اہلیت : Accomplishment : an ability that has been acquired by training. "I saw an advertisement in the newspaper that we need a young energetic man for merchant navy who is skilled in swimming".

کونسا : Which : interrogatively. "Which matter that was?".

Wo Jaga Jahan Khelon Kay Muqably Munaqid Hotay HainDetailQuiz
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