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1 of 3) Wolf : بھیڑیا : (noun) any of various predatory carnivorous canine mammals of North America and Eurasia that usually hunt in packs.

2 of 3) Wolf, Wolf Down : کھانے پر ٹوٹ پڑنا : (verb) eat hastily.

He wolfed down the zinger.
People wolfed down the dinner.+ More

3 of 3) Wolf, Beast, Brute, Savage, Wildcat : خونخوار شخص : (noun) a cruelly rapacious person.

Wolf in Idioms

A Lone Wolf : Someone who does not like the company of others.

Useful Words

Cub : کسی درندے کا بچہ , Brush Wolf : امریکن بھیڑیا , Arctic Wolf : برفانی بھیڑیا , Canis Lupus : کٹھ بھیڑیا , Canis Aureus : گيدڑ , Wolf Cub : بھیڑیے کا بچہ , Wolfishly : بھیڑیے کی طرح , Pup : کتے کا بچہ , Howl : جانور کی طرح چیخ کر رونا , Loup-Garou : جس شخص میں بھیڑیے کی علامات پائی جائیں , Lycanthropy : خود کو بھیڑیا سمجھنا پاگل پن کی ایک قسم , Canis Familiaris : کتا , Fox : چالاک جانور لومڑی , Wolfish : بھیڑیا صفت , Fang : جنگلی جانور کا لمبا نوکیلا دانت , Common Horsetail : امریکی چولائی , Accipiter Gentilis : بڑا باز , Asplenium Ruta-Muraria : چترک , Jumping Mouse : ایک قسم کا چوہا , Bullrush : لمبی جھاڑی , Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi : سدا بھار لال بیری والی جھاڑی , Bear : ریچھ , America : ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا , Botrychium Lunaria : غزال القمری , Absinthe : افسنتین رومی , The Indies : ویسٹ انڈیز , Aphriza Virgata : ایک ساحل باش پرندہ , Grama : ایک قسم کی گھاس , Musk Hog : ایک قسم کا بکرا , Occident : مغربی ممالک , Mud Turtle : کچھوا

Useful Words Definitions

Cub: the young of certain carnivorous mammals such as the bear or wolf or lion.

Brush Wolf: small wolf native to western North America.

Arctic Wolf: wolf of Arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail.

Canis Lupus: a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America.

Canis Aureus: Old World nocturnal canine mammal closely related to the dog; smaller than a wolf; sometimes hunts in a pack but usually singly or as a member of a pair.

Wolf Cub: a young wolf.

Wolfishly: in the manner of a wolf.

Pup: young of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf.

Howl: the long plaintive cry of a hound or a wolf.

Loup-Garou: a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again.

Lycanthropy: (folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf.

Canis Familiaris: a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds.

Fox: alert carnivorous mammal with pointed muzzle and ears and a bushy tail; most are predators that do not hunt in packs.

Wolfish: resembling or characteristic (or considered characteristic) of a wolf.

Fang: canine tooth of a carnivorous animal; used to seize and tear its prey.

Common Horsetail: of Eurasia and Greenland and North America.

Accipiter Gentilis: large hawk of Eurasia and North America used in falconry.

Asplenium Ruta-Muraria: small delicate spleenwort found on a steep slope (as a wall or cliff) of Eurasia and North America.

Jumping Mouse: any of several primitive mouselike rodents with long hind legs and no cheek pouches; of woodlands of Eurasia and North America.

Bullrush: tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America.

Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi: evergreen mat-forming shrub of North America and northern Eurasia having small white flowers and red berries; leaves turn red in autumn.

Bear: massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws.

America: North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776.

Botrychium Lunaria: of America and Eurasia and Australia.

Absinthe: aromatic herb of temperate Eurasia and North Africa having a bitter taste used in making the liqueur absinthe.

The Indies: the string of islands between North America and South America; a popular resort area.

Aphriza Virgata: sandpiper-like shorebird of Pacific coasts of North America and South America.

Grama: pasture grass of plains of South America and western North America.

Musk Hog: nocturnal gregarious pig-like wild animals of North America and South America.

Occident: the countries of (originally) Europe and (now including) North America and South America.

Mud Turtle: bottom-dwelling freshwater turtle inhabiting muddy rivers of North America and Central America.

Related Words

Aggressor : جارح , Eat : کھانا

Wolf in Book Titles

Lone Wolf: A Novel.
Little Wolf`s Book of Badness.
Look Out! It`s the Wolf!.
Wolf by Wolf: One girl s mission to win a race and kill HitlerSavage Secrets.

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