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Wordy meaning in Urdu

Wordy Sentence

Newspapers of the day printed long wordy editorials.

Wordy Synonyms


Wordy Definitions

1) Wordy, Long-Winded, Tedious, Verbose, Windy : کثیر الفاظ استعمال کرنے والا, زیادہ الفاظ کا استعمال کرنا : (satellite adjective) using or containing too many words.

Proceedings were delayed by wordy disputes.

Useful Words

Ambagious : ہیر پھیر والا , Garrulity : باتونی پن , Long-Windedly : بڑے دم سے , Boringly : بیزاری کے ساتھ , Drag : بور کرنے والا عمل , Boredom : بوریت , Compound Morphology : لفظوں کا ملاپ , Logomachy : لفظوں کے متعلق بحث , Heron : لمبی گردن اور لمبی ٹانگوں والا پرندہ , Res Gestae : حقائق , Titi : چھوٹا بندر , Ateles Geoffroyi : پتلے لمبے نازک بندر , Guenon : چھوٹا افریقی بندر , Spaniel : ہسپانوی نسل کا کتا , Eyra : امریکہ کی جنگلی بلی , Homonymy : لفظوں کا ہم ہجہ ہونا , Chronic : دیرینہ مرض , Sesquipedalia : طویل الفاظ , Hare : خرگوش نما , Badger Dog : لمبے جسم اور چھوٹی ٹانگوں والا کتا , Choloepus Hoffmanni : ایک قسم کا امریکی جانور , Pleonasm : حشریت , Verbatim : لفظ بہ لفظ , Tamarind : املی , Good Speller : ہجے کرنے والا , Articulate : اظہار کرنا , Apprisal : تحریری نوٹس , Words : الفاظ , Logomach : لفظی چیستان کا ماہر , Expression : اظہار , Text : لکھائی

Useful Words Definitions

Ambagious: roundabout and unnecessarily wordy.

Garrulity: the quality of being wordy and talkative.

Long-Windedly: in a verbose manner.

Boringly: in a tedious manner.

Drag: something tedious and boring.

Boredom: the feeling of being bored by something tedious.

Compound Morphology: the part of grammar that deals with combinations of simple words into compound words.

Logomachy: argument about words or the meaning of words.

Heron: grey or white wading bird with long neck and long legs and (usually) long bill.

Res Gestae: rule of evidence that covers words that are so closely associated with an occurrence that the words are considered part of the occurrence and as such their report does not violate the hearsay rule.

Titi: small South American monkeys with long beautiful fur and long nonprehensile tail.

Ateles Geoffroyi: arboreal monkey of tropical America with long slender legs and long prehensile tail.

Guenon: small slender African monkey having long hind limbs and tail and long hair around the face.

Spaniel: any of several breeds of small to medium-sized gun dogs with a long silky coat and long frilled ears.

Eyra: long-bodied long-tailed tropical American wildcat.

Homonymy: the relation between two words that are spelled the same way but differ in meaning or the relation between two words that are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning.

Chronic: being long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering.

Sesquipedalia: a very long word (a foot and a half long).

Hare: swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes.

Badger Dog: small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears; suited for following game into burrows.

Choloepus Hoffmanni: a sloth of Central America that has two long claws on each forefoot and three long claws on each hindfoot.

Pleonasm: using more words than necessary.

Verbatim: using exactly the same words.

Tamarind: long-lived tropical evergreen tree with a spreading crown and feathery evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers yielding hard yellowish wood and long pods with edible chocolate-colored acidic pulp.

Good Speller: someone who spells words.

Articulate: put into words or an expression.

Apprisal: informing by words.

Words: the words that are spoken.

Logomach: someone given to disputes over words.

Expression: expression without words.

Text: the words of something written.

Related Words

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