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1) Wrestler, Grappler, Matman : کشتی لڑنے والا, پہلوان : (noun) combatant who tries to throw opponent to the ground.

Useful Words

Middleweight : اوسط وزن رکھنے والا پہلوان , Light Heavyweight : پہلوان جس کا وزن پونڈ سے کے درمیان ہو , Heavyweight : بھاری پہلوان , John Cena : امریکی پہلوان , Tackle : کھیل میں بھڑنا بال لینے کے لئے , Craps : جوے کا کھیل , Bluff : فریب دینا , Gladiator : شمشیر زن , Chuck : پھینکنا , Cast Aside : پھینکنا , Cast : زور سے پھینکنا , Glance : سرسری سی نظر ڈالنا , Flap Down : زور سے مارنا , Shy : پھرتی سے پھینکنا , Immerse : ڈبونا , Cast : زور سے پھینکنا , Lapidate : پتھر مارنا , Jettison : ترک کرنا , Blow : فضول اڑانا , Fling : زور سے پھینکنا , Unbalance : توازن سے گر جانا , Unopposed : بلا مقابلہ , Derange : کسی چیز کو بے ترتیب کر دینا , Flip : الٹنا , Flip : پھینکنا , Juggle : پھیکنا پکڑنا ایک قسم کا کرتب , Reflect : مڑ کر واپس آنا , Project : پھینکنا , Mauler : جنگجو , Bombard : گولہ باری کرنا , Throw Back : واپس پھینکنے کا عمل

Useful Words Definitions

Middleweight: a wrestler who weighs 172-192 pounds.

Light Heavyweight: a wrestler who weighs 192-214 pounds.

Heavyweight: a wrestler who weighs more than 214 pounds.

John Cena: an American professional wrestler.

Tackle: seize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball.

Craps: a gambling game played with two dice; a first throw of 7 or 11 wins and a first throw of 2, 3, or 12 loses and a first throw of any other number must be repeated to win before a 7 is thrown, which loses the bet and the dice.

Bluff: deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning hand.

Gladiator: (ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat.

Chuck: throw away.

Cast Aside: throw or cast away.

Cast: throw forcefully.

Glance: throw a glance at; take a brief look at.

Flap Down: throw violently.

Shy: throw something very quickly .

Immerse: thrust or throw into.

Cast: a violent throw.

Lapidate: throw stones at.

Jettison: throw away, of something encumbering.

Blow: spend thoughtlessly; throw away.

Fling: throw with force or recklessness.

Unbalance: throw out of balance or equilibrium.

Unopposed: not having opposition or an opponent.

Derange: throw into great confusion or disorder.

Flip: turn upside down, or throw so as to reverse.

Flip: throw or toss with a light motion.

Juggle: throw, catch, and keep in the air several things simultaneously.

Reflect: to throw or bend back (from a surface).

Project: throw, send, or cast forward.

Mauler: a fighter who batters the opponent.

Bombard: cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile.

Throw Back: throw back with a quick, light motion.

Related Words

Battler : جنگجو