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1 کلائی بند Kalai Band : Wristlet Wrist Band : (noun) a band or bracelet worn around the wrist.

Useful Words

About Around : ارد گرد Ard Gard : in the area or vicinity. "You are beating around the bush"

Band : باندھنا Bandhna : bind or tie together, as with a band.

Bracelet Watch Bracelet Watchband Watchstrap Wristband : گھڑی کا پٹہ Ghari Ka Patta : a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist.

Worn : فرسودہ Farsooda : affected by wear; damaged by long use. "Worn threads on the screw"

Articulatio Radiocarpea Carpus Radiocarpal Joint Wrist Wrist Joint : کلائی Kalai : a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones.

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