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یاد رکھنا : Yaad Rakhna Meaning in English

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1 of 3) Con : یاد رکھنا : (verb) commit to memory; learn by heart.

English Synonym(s) : Learn Memorise Memorize

Urdu Synonym(s) : یاد کرنا

Related : Study : learn by reading books.


2 of 3) Remember : یاد رکھنا : (verb) keep in mind for attention or consideration.

English Synonym(s) : Think Of

Related : Mind : keep in mind. Retain : keep in one`s mind. Qualify : describe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of.

3 of 3) Retain : یاد رکھنا : (verb) keep in one`s mind.

Related : Think Of : keep in mind for attention or consideration.

Useful Words

کمپیوٹر کی یادداشت : Computer Memory, Computer Storage, Memory, Memory Board, Storage, Store : an electronic memory device. "A memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached"

رغبت : Heart, Spirit : an inclination or tendency of a certain kind. "He had a change of heart"

دم : Heart, Mettle, Nerve, Spunk : the courage to carry on. "You don`t have such a nerve"

دھڑکنا : Heart, Pump, Ticker : the hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; its rhythmic contractions move the blood through the body. "He stood still, his heart thumping wildly"

یادداشت : Memory, Retention, Retentiveness, Retentivity : the power of retaining and recalling past experience. "He had a good memory when he was younger"

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