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Yaksan Banaanay Ka Amal : یکساں بنانے کا عمل

1. Homogenisation, Homogenization : یکساں بنانے کا عمل : (noun) the act of making something homogeneous or uniform in composition.

Harkat, Kam, Fail : Act : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Banaanay Ka Amal : Making : the act that results in something coming to be. "The devising of plans"

Tasneef, Likhai : Composition : the act of creating written works. "Writing was a form of therapy for him"

Ek Jesi Wardi : Uniform : clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification.

Shart E Qabliyat, Ehliyet : Making : an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something. "Her qualifications for the job are excellent"

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