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1 of 4) Young, Vernal, Youthful : جوان : (satellite adjective) suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh.

If you had been young.
When we used to be young.+ More


2 of 4) Young, Immature : نابالغ : (adjective) (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth.

When we were young.
Young people.

Related : Age : how long something has existed. Immature : not yet mature. New : not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered.

3 of 4) Young, Unseasoned, Untested, Untried : نا تجربہ کار, جو استعمال نا ہوا ہو : (satellite adjective) not tried or tested by experience.

A young hand at plowing.

Related : Inexperient : lacking practical experience or training.

4 of 4) Young, Youth : نوجوان, شباب : (noun) young people collectively.

Rock music appeals to the young.

Related : Cohort : a group of people having approximately the same age.

Useful Words

Calve, Have Young : بچے دینا : birth. "The whales calve at this time of year".

Young Buck, Young Man : جوان لڑکا : a teenager or a young adult male.

Cub, Young Carnivore : کسی درندے کا بچہ : the young of certain carnivorous mammals such as the bear or wolf or lion.

Jeune Fille, Lass, Lassie, Young Girl : چھوکری : a girl or young woman who is unmarried. "He married a lassie from Lahore".

Fille, Girl, Miss, Missy, Young Lady, Young Woman : لڑکی : a young woman. "Hey missy you`re so fine".

Beau, Boyfriend, Fellow, Swain, Young Man : کسی لڑکی کا عاشق : a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman. "If I`d known he was her boyfriend I wouldn`t have asked".

Spring Chicken, Young Person, Younker, Youth : نوجوان : a young person (especially a young man or boy). "He was known as spring chicken".

Egg-Producing, Young-Bearing : انڈے بچے دینے کے قابل ہونا : capable of producing eggs and bearing offspring.

Young-Begetting : باپ بنے کے قابل ہونا : capable of fathering offspring.

Winter, Wintertime : سردی : the coldest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.

Tender : بچگانہ : young and immature. "At a tender age".

Little, Small : کم سن : (of children and animals) young, immature. "What a big little boy you are".

Youth : کم سنی : early maturity; the state of being young or immature or inexperienced.

Pullet : مرغی کا بچہ : young hen usually less than a year old.

Leveret : خرگوش کا ایک سالہ بچہ : a young hare especially one in its first year.

Pickaback Plant, Piggyback Plant, Tolmiea Menziesii, Youth-On-Age : پھولوں والا پودا : vigorous perennial herb with flowers in erect racemes and having young plants develop at the junction of a leaf blade and the leafstalk. "Piggyback plant image".

Larval : سنڈی : immature of its kind; especially being or characteristic of immature insects in the newly hatched wormlike feeding stage. "Larval societies".

Cockerel : سال بھر کا پالتو مرغا : a young domestic cock; not older than one year.

Babe, Baby, Infant : شیر خوار بچہ : a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk. "Make your baby sleep".

Common Eel, Freshwater Eel : بام مچھلی : eels that live in fresh water as adults but return to sea to spawn; found in Europe and America; marketed both fresh and smoked.

Annually, Each Year, P.A., Per Annum, Per Year : ہر سال : by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received). "He earned $100,000 per annum".

Youthfully : جوانوں کی طرح : in a youthful manner. "He is still youthfully enthusiastic".

Female Child, Girl, Little Girl : بچی : a youthful female person. "The baby was a girl".

Rejuvenate : دوبارہ جوان کرنا : make younger or more youthful. "The contact with his grandchildren rejuvenated him".

Rejuvenation : بحالی شباب : the act of restoring to a more youthful condition.

Boy, Male Child : بچہ : a youthful male person. "Miss, don`t be hard on boy".

Agerasia : نوجوان لگنے والا بوڑھا : youthful appearance in an old person.

Hebrew Calendar, Jewish Calendar : یہودی کیلنڈر : (Judaism) the calendar used by the Jews; dates from 3761 BC (the assumed date of the Creation of the world); a lunar year of 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by periodic leap years.

Easter : مسیحیوں کا تہوار : a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ; celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

Adar : یہودیوں کا بارہواں مہینہ : the sixth month of the civil year; the twelfth month of the ecclesiastic year in the Jewish calendar (in February and March).

Ab, Av : گیارہواں کلیسائی مہینہ اور پانچواں موسوی مہینہ : the eleventh month of the civil year; the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in July and August).

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