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Your meaning in Urdu

Your Sentences

Your in Detail

1) Your : تمہارا, آپ کا : (adjective) The possessive form of you.

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Your in Idioms

Hold Your Head High : To show confidence in any condition.

Hold Your Tongue : To stay quiet despite wanting to speak something.

Worth Your Weight In Gold : Something or someone very valuable, important, or useful..

Set Your Teeth On Edge : To irritate or annoy someone.

Live On Your Nerves : To live in a constant state of worry, anxiety or fear.

Your in Book Titles

A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, Comprehensive.
How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul.
How to Observe Your Group.

Useful Words

Anatomy, Bod, Build, Chassis, Figure, Flesh, Form, Frame, Human Body, Material Body, Physical Body, Physique, Shape, Soma : جسم : alternative names for the body of a human being. "Anatomy of lungs".

Genitive, Genitive Case, Possessive, Possessive Case : مضاف الیہ : the case expressing ownership. "Possessive mentality".

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