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زخمی کرنے والا : Zakhmi Karnay Wala Meaning in English

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1) زخمی کرنے والا : Stabbing Wounding : (satellite adjective) causing physical or especially psychological injury.

Related : Harmful : causing or capable of causing harm.

Useful Words

تکلیف دہ : Cutting, Keen, Knifelike, Lancinate, Lancinating, Piercing, Stabbing : painful as if caused by a sharp instrument. "Piercing of ear".

چاقو : Dagger, Sticker : a short knife with a pointed blade used for piercing or stabbing.

ایک قسم کی ریڑھ کی ہڈی کی بیماری : Locomotor Ataxia, Tabes Dorsalis : syphilis of the spinal cord characterized by degeneration of sensory neurons and stabbing pains in the trunk and legs and unsteady gait and incontinence and impotence.

درد کے بغیر : Painless : not causing physical or psychological pain. "Painless dentistry".

تکلف دہ : Painful : causing physical or psychological pain. "Worked with painful slowness".

تباہ کن : Catastrophic, Ruinous : extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin. "Catastrophic talk with PM".

غیر مہذب : Abusive : characterized by physical or psychological maltreatment. "Abusive punishment".

نقصان دہ : Damaging, Detrimental, Prejudicial, Prejudicious : (sometimes followed by `to') causing harm or injury. "Damaging to career and reputation".

ٹھیس پہنچانے والا : Bruising : causing mental or emotional injury. "A bruising experience".

کھینچنا : Attract, Draw, Draw In, Pull, Pull In : direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes. "Be persistent and one day she will be attracted to you".

حادثہ : Accident : an unfortunate mishap; especially one causing damage or injury. "How did the accident happen?".

لنگڑا کر چلنا : Gimp, Hitch, Hobble, Limp : walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury. "The old woman hobbles down to the store every day".

زخم سے متعلق : Traumatic : of or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body.

جسمانی سزا : Corporal Punishment : the infliction of physical injury on someone convicted of committing a crime.

نقصان دہ : Blasting, Ruinous : causing injury or blight; especially affecting with sudden violence or plague or ruin. "The blasting effects of the intense cold on the budding fruit".

جگر کے لئے نقصان دہ : Hepatotoxic : toxic to the liver or causing injury to the liver. "Hepatotoxic drugs should be banned".

زخم : Lesion, Wound : an injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin). "Surprisingly, he took 6 bullets but his wounds healed quickly".

گرم : Hot : used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning. "Aren`t you feeling the cold?".

منفی طور پر : Negatively : in a harmful manner. "He was negatively affected".

پرکشش لیکن نقصان دہ : Insidious : beguiling but harmful. "Insidious happiness".

نقصان دہ : Baneful, Deadly, Pernicious, Pestilent : exceedingly harmful.

پیٹ میں چھورا گھونپنے کا عمل : Stab In The Back : someone who trusts on you and you do something harmful for him or her.

نقصان دہ : Harmful : causing or capable of causing harm. "Too much sun is harmful to the skin".

بے ضرر : Harmless : not causing or capable of causing harm. "Harmless snakes in Pakistan".

جان لیوا : Deadly, Deathly, Mortal : causing or capable of causing death. "A fatal accident".

نقصان دہ : Deleterious, Hurtful, Injurious : harmful to living things. "Deleterious chemical additives".

خراب : Corrupting, Degrading : harmful to the mind or morals. "Corrupt judges and their corrupting influence".

مرض : Virus : a harmful or corrupting agency. "Bigotry is a virus that must not be allowed to spread".

شری : Malign : evil or harmful in nature or influence. "Everyone not understand his malign motives".

شر : Balefulness, Maleficence, Mischief : the quality or nature of being harmful or evil.

شری : Poisonous, Venomous, Vicious : marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful. "Poisonous hate".

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