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ضرب : Zarb Meaning in English

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1 of 7) ضرب کاری ضرب : Bang Bash Belt Knock Smash : (noun) a vigorous blow.

Related : Bump : an impact (as from a collision).


2 of 7) ضرب : Hit Hitting Striking : (noun) the act of contacting one thing with another.

Related : Smash : the act of colliding with something.

3 of 7) ضرب : Mathematical Product Product : (noun) a quantity obtained by multiplication.

Related : Quantity : the concept that something has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable.

4 of 7) ضرب : Blow : (noun) a powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon.

Related : Whang : the act of hitting vigorously. Thwack : a hard blow with a flat object. Smacking : the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand.

5 of 7) وار ضرب : Swing : (noun) a sweeping blow or stroke.

Related : Blow : a powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon.

6 of 7) ضرب : Stroke : (noun) a mark made on a surface by a pen, pencil, or paintbrush.

Related : Flick : a short stroke. Underscore : a line drawn underneath (especially under written matter).

7 of 7) ضرب : Shot : (noun) a blow hard enough to cause injury.

Related : Blow : a powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon.

Useful Words

مارنا : Bang, Slam : strike violently. "Slam the ball".

حاملہ کرنا : Bang Up, Impregnate, Knock Up, Prang Up : make pregnant. "He impregnated his wife again".

چٹخنے کی آواز : Bang-Up, Bully, Corking, Cracking, Dandy, Great, Groovy, Keen, Neat, Nifty, Not Bad, Peachy, Slap-Up, Smashing, Swell : a sudden sharp noise. "Stop Cracking Your Knuckles".

بگ بینگ : Big Bang : (cosmology) the cosmic explosion that is hypothesized to have marked the origin of the universe. "Big bang theory".

بگ بینگ کا نظریہ : Big Bang Theory, Big-Bang Theory : (cosmology) the theory that the universe originated sometime between ten billion and 20 billion years ago from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature. "Big bang theory explained in Urdu".

شدید سے زور زور سے : Slam-Bang : violent and sudden and noisy. "A slam-bang collision".

کھٹ کھٹ کی آواز : Tapping : the sound of light blow or knock. "He heard the tapping of the man's cane".

منہ توڑ جواب : Counterblow : a return blow; a retaliatory blow.

لگنا : Winnow : blow on. "The wind was winnowing her hair".

چوٹ : Concussion : any violent blow.

ہلکے سے مارنا : Waft : blow gently. "A breeze wafted through the door".