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Zonal meaning in Urdu

Zonal Sentence

The zonal frontier.

Zonal Synonym

Zonal Definitions

1) Zonal, Zonary : علاقائی : (adjective) relating to or of the nature of a zone.


Useful Words

Asserting : اعلانیہ , Informational : معلوماتی , Parliamentary : پارلیمانی , Paralytic : فالج کے متعلق , Usufructuary : حق استفادہ سے متعلق , Unnatural : غیر فطری , Substantival : اسم ذات کا , Azonic : غیر خطی , Zonula : علاقہ , Common Apricot : خوبانی کا درخت , Buffer : دو دشمنوں کے درمیان خالی علاقہ , Fen : دلدل , Eastern Standard Time : مشرقی وقت , Hawaii Standard Time : ہوائی کا معیاری وقت , Tropic : منطقہ حارہ , Conviviality : خوش مزاجی , Artificial : مصنوعی , Changeless : مستقل , Cryptic : خفیہ , Evil : بدی , Suspicion : شک کرنے کی عادت , Cognate : فطری , By Nature : فطری طور پر , Apropos : موزوں , Mathematical : ریاضیاتی , As Such : بنیادی طور پر , Diagnosing : تشخیص , Accidentally : ضمنی طور پر , Artificially : مصنوعی طریقے سے , Emotionalism : جذباتی کیفیت , Ellipsoid : کرہ نما شکل سے متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Asserting: relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration.

Informational: relating to or having the nature of information.

Parliamentary: relating to or having the nature of a parliament.

Paralytic: relating to or of the nature of paralysis.

Usufructuary: of or relating to the nature of a usufruct.

Unnatural: not in accordance with or determined by nature; contrary to nature.

Substantival: of or relating to or having the nature or function of a substantive (i.e. a noun or noun equivalent).

Azonic: not restricted to any particular zone or region.

Zonula: small beltlike zone.

Common Apricot: temperate zone tree bearing downy yellow to rosy fruits.

Buffer: a neutral zone between two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict.

Fen: low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water.

Eastern Standard Time: standard time in the 5th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 75th meridian; used in the eastern United States.

Hawaii Standard Time: standard time in the 10th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 150th meridian west; used in Hawaii and the western Aleutian Islands.

Tropic: either of two parallels of latitude about 23.5 degrees to the north and south of the equator representing the points farthest north and south at which the sun can shine directly overhead and constituting the boundaries of the Torrid Zone or tropics.

Conviviality: a jovial nature.

Artificial: contrived by art rather than nature.

Changeless: unvarying in nature.

Cryptic: of an obscure nature.

Evil: having the nature of vice.

Suspicion: being of a suspicious nature.

Cognate: related in nature.

By Nature: through inherent nature.

Apropos: of an appropriate or pertinent nature.

Mathematical: of or pertaining to or of the nature of mathematics.

As Such: with respect to its inherent nature.

Diagnosing: identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon.

Accidentally: of a minor or subordinate nature.

Artificially: not according to nature; not by natural means.

Emotionalism: emotional nature or quality.

Ellipsoid: having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid.

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