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1) 14 July, Bastille Day : فرانس کا قومی دن : (noun) a legal holiday in France celebrating the storming of the Paris bastille in 1789.


Useful Words

June : جون , Aug : اگست , Christmas : عیسائیوں کی عید , French Revolution : فرانسیسی انقلاب , Fourth Of July : یوم آزادی , Ab : گیارہواں کلیسائی مہینہ اور پانچواں موسوی مہینہ , Bank Holiday : تعطیلات بنک , Canicular Days : تپتے دن , Admission Day : یوم الحاق , Arthur Honegger : سوسوئس موسیقار , 1780s : سترہ سو اسی کی دہائی , Judicial Proceeding : مقدمہ لڑنے کا عمل , Pleading : فریق مقدمہ کا بیان , Deed : دستاویز انتقال , Solicitor : درخواست گزار , French : فرانسیسی زبان , Bill Of Indictment : کسی شخص کے خلاف الزام , Celebrant : خوشی منانے والا , Triumphal : فتح سے متعلق , Epic Poetry : تعریفی شاعری , Silver Jubilee : پچیسویں سالگرہ , Attainder : تمام شہری حقوق سے محروم شخص , Honeymoon : شادی کے بعد کی چھٹیاں منانا , Carol : کرسمس کے موقع پر گایا جانے والا خوشی کا نغمہ , Honeymoon : شادی کے بعد کی چھٹیاں , Feria : کام کا دن , Bivouac : پڑاو , Movable Feast : مذہبی چھٹی کا دن , Channukah : یہودیوں کا کا تہوار جو آٹھ دن رہتا ہے , Bourse : بازار حصص , Helen : قدیم یونانی شہزادی

Useful Words Definitions

June: the month following May and preceding July.

Aug: the month following July and preceding September.

Christmas: a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ; a quarter day in England, Wales, and Ireland.

French Revolution: the revolution in France against the Bourbons; 1789-1799.

Fourth Of July: a legal holiday in the United States.

Ab: the eleventh month of the civil year; the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in July and August).

Bank Holiday: any of several weekdays when banks are closed; a legal holiday in Britain.

Canicular Days: the hot period between early July and early September; a period of inactivity.

Admission Day: in some states of the United States: a legal holiday commemorating the day the state was admitted to the Union.

Arthur Honegger: Swiss composer (born in France) who was the founding member of a group in Paris that included Erik Satie and Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau (1892-1955).

1780s: the decade from 1780 to 1789.

Judicial Proceeding: a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights.

Pleading: (law) a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding.

Deed: a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it.

Solicitor: a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.

French: the Romance language spoken in France and in countries colonized by France.

Bill Of Indictment: a formal accusation, typically in a legal context, that charges an individual with a crime. It signifies the initiation of a legal process against the accused.

Celebrant: a person who is celebrating.

Triumphal: relating to or celebrating a triumph.

Epic Poetry: poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero.

Silver Jubilee: an anniversary celebrating the passage of 25 years.

Attainder: the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society; the legal status of one sentenced to life imprisonment.

Honeymoon: spend a holiday after one`s marriage.

Carol: joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ.

Honeymoon: a holiday taken by a newly married couple.

Feria: a weekday on which no festival or holiday is celebrated.

Bivouac: a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent.

Movable Feast: a religious holiday that falls on different dates in different years.

Channukah: (Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC.

Bourse: the stock exchange in Paris.

Helen: (Greek mythology) the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda who was abducted by Paris; the Greek army sailed to Troy to get her back which resulted in the Trojan War.

Related Words

Legal Holiday : سرکاری تعطیل , July : جولائی

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