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اعلیٰ خاتون : Aala Khatoon Meaning in English

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Aala Khatoon in Detail

1) اعلی خاتون محترمہ بیگم صاحبہ : Dame Gentlewoman Lady Ma'am Madam : (noun) a woman of refinement.

Related : Woman : an adult female person (as opposed to a man).


Useful Words

چھوکری : Bird, Chick, Dame, Doll, Skirt, Wench : informal terms for a (young) woman.

کرسٹی انگریز مصنف : Agatha Christie, Christie, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie : prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976).

رات کی رانی کا پودا : Damask Violet, Dame's Violet, Hesperis Matronalis, Sweet Rocket : long cultivated herb having flowers whose scent is more pronounced in the evening; naturalized throughout Europe to Siberia and into North America.

مادہ سور : Sow : an adult female hog.

عورت : Adult Female, Woman : an adult female person (as opposed to a man). "A woman is made to be respected".

زنانہ پن : Womanlike, Womanliness : the trait of being womanly; having the characteristics of an adult female.

عورت کا جسم : Adult Female Body, Woman's Body : the body of an adult woman.

زنانہ پن : Muliebrity, Womanhood : the state of being an adult woman.

آدمی : Adult Male, Man : an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman). "Be a man".

بیوی : Frau : a German courtesy title or form of address for an adult woman.

ہرنی : Hind : a female deer, especially an adult female red deer. "Hind legs enable it to spring upon it".

مادر سرانہ نظام : Matriarchate, Matriarchy : a form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line.

اچھا انسان : Gentleman : a man of refinement. "He has been accused of harassments but I know he is gentleman".

سادہ : Homely : without artificial refinement or elegance. "Plain homely furniture".

گنوار : Bounderish, Ill-Bred, Lowbred, Rude, Underbred, Yokelish : (of persons) lacking in refinement or grace.

باسلیقہ : Civilised, Civilized, Cultivated, Cultured, Genteel, Polite : marked by refinement in taste and manners. "Genteel woman".

خراب : Coarse, Common, Rough-Cut, Uncouth, Vulgar : lacking refinement or cultivation or taste. "He had coarse manners but a first-rate mind".

باولا پن : Crassitude, Crassness : the quality of being crass--devoid of refinement.

ڈھنگ کا : Fashionable, Stylish : having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress. "A little less posh but every bit as stylish as Lord Peter Wimsey".

پرکشش : Sophisticated : having or appealing to those having worldly knowledge and refinement and savoir-faire. "Sophisticated life style".

گنوار پن : Crudeness, Crudity, Gaucheness : an impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement. "The whole town was famous for its crudeness".

گنوار : Barbarian, Boor, Churl, Goth, Peasant, Tike, Tyke : a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement. "He is totally tike".

خوش خلق : Polished, Refined, Svelte, Urbane : showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience. "His polished manner".

محبت : Courting, Courtship, Suit, Wooing : a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage). "Its was a brief and intense courtship".

عظیم خاتون گاہک : Diva, Prima Donna : a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star. "Lata was a diva".

عورتوں کا : Feminine, Womanly : befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman. "Womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion".

مطلقہ : Divorcee, Grass Widow : a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband. "My friend married a divorcee".

مرد کا جسم : Adult Male Body, Man's Body : the body of an adult man.

مرغا : Cock, Rooster : adult male chicken. "Be a rooster".

بارہ سنگھا : Stag : adult male deer.

بالغ جسم : Adult Body : the body of an adult human being.

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