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1. Dame, Gentlewoman, Lady, Ma'am, Madam : اعلی خاتون - محترمہ : (Noun) A woman of refinement.

A chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady.

Adult Female, Woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man).

2. Dame, Bird, Chick, Doll, Skirt, Wench : چھوکری - لڑکی : (Noun) Informal terms for a (young) woman.

Fille, Girl, Miss, Missy, Young Lady, Young Woman - a young woman.

Informal - غیر رسمی - not formal; "conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress".

Purification, Refinement, Refining - پاک کرنے کا عمل - the process of removing impurities (as from oil or metals or sugar etc.).

Term - اصطلاح - a word or expression used for some particular thing; "he learned many medical terms".

Char, Charwoman, Cleaning Lady, Cleaning Woman, Woman - ماسی - a human female employed to do housework; "the charwoman will clean the carpet".

Young, Youth - نوجوان - young people collectively; "rock music appeals to the young".

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