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آسان : Aasan Meaning in English

Aasan Sentences

Aasan Synonyms


Aasan in Detail

1 of 6) آسان سہل : Easy : (adjective) posing no difficulty; requiring little effort.

2 of 6) آسان : Bed Of Roses Rose Bed : (noun) an easy or pleasant situation.

3 of 6) حلوہ آسان سہل : Cushy Easygoing Soft : (satellite adjective) not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship.

4 of 6) ابتدائی آسان : Elementary Simple Uncomplicated Unproblematic : (satellite adjective) easy and not involved or complicated.

5 of 6) آسان سمجھ میں آنے والی : Simple : (adjective) having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved.

6 of 6) آسان : Handy : (satellite adjective) easy to use.

Useful Words

آسانی کے ساتھ : Easily : with ease (`easy` is sometimes used informally for `easily`). "I get scared pretty easily".

اقدام : Attempt : earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something. "Made an effort to cover all the reading material".

ذرا سا : Little : (quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with `a`) at least some. "Little time is left".

انکار : No : a negative. "No buddy".

خوشگوار : Pleasant : affording pleasure; being in harmony with your taste or likings. "We need a girl with a pleasant personality for our reception".

حالات : Situation : the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time. "The situation is better now that terrorism has been eradicated in Karachi".

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