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Abloom meaning in Urdu

پہولوں لدا

Abloom Synonym

Abloom Definitions

1) Abloom, Efflorescent : شاداب, پہولوں لدا : (satellite adjective) bursting into flower.


Useful Words

Burst : پھٹنے کا عمل , Irruption : چڑھائی , Dissilient : قوت سے پہوٹ پڑنے والا , Ray Floret : ایک قسم کا پہول , Burst Forth : پہول کھلنا , Chrysanthemum : گل داودی , Amaranthine : کبھی نہ مرجھانے والا , Bud : کھلتا پہول , Boutonniere : کاج میں لگا ہوا پھول , Flower Bud : کلی , Petaloid : پنکھڑی جیسا , Ovary : رحم , Stamen : پہول کا نر حصہ , Lobelia : لوبیلیا جنس کا جنگلی سنبل , Cernuous : سرنگوں , Aestivation : پنکھ کی ترتیب , Clove : لونگ , Arundo Richardii : نیوزیلینڈ میں پائی جانے والی گھاس , Aztec Lily : میکسیکو میں لگنے والا پودا , Poppy Seed : خشخاش کے بیج , Common Madia : پیلے پنکھ والا پھول , Parterre : باغیچہ , Brassica Oleracea Botrytis : پھول گوبھی , Chaplet : پھولوں کا ہار , Spray : کسی پودے کی شاخ , Capparis Spinosa : بحر روم کی خاردار جڑی بوٹی , Corolla : پھول کا تاج , Daisy : ایک قسم کا پہول , Acroclinium Roseum : کاغذ نما پھول , Cowslip : گیندے کاپہول , American Featherfoil : آبی پودا

Useful Words Definitions

Burst: the act of exploding or bursting.

Irruption: a sudden violent entrance; a bursting in.

Dissilient: bursting open with force, as do some ripe seed vessels.

Ray Floret: small flower with a flat strap-shaped corolla usually occupying the peripheral rings of a composite flower.

Burst Forth: come into or as if into flower.

Chrysanthemum: the flower of a chrysanthemum plant.

Amaranthine: of an imaginary flower that never fades.

Bud: a partially opened flower.

Boutonniere: a flower that is worn in a buttonhole.

Flower Bud: a bud from which only a flower or flowers develop.

Petaloid: resembling a flower petal.

Ovary: the organ that bears the ovules of a flower.

Stamen: the male reproductive organ of a flower.

Lobelia: any plant or flower of the genus Lobelia.

Cernuous: having branches or flower heads that bend downward.

Aestivation: (botany) the arrangement of sepals and petals in a flower bud before it opens.

Clove: aromatic flower bud of a clove tree; yields a spice.

Arundo Richardii: tall grass of New Zealand grown for plumelike flower heads.

Aztec Lily: Mexican bulbous herb cultivated for its handsome bright red solitary flower.

Poppy Seed: small grey seed of a poppy flower; used whole or ground in baked items.

Common Madia: California annual having red-brown spots near the base of its yellow flower rays.

Parterre: an ornamental flower garden; beds and paths are arranged to form a pattern.

Brassica Oleracea Botrytis: a plant having a large edible head of crowded white flower buds.

Chaplet: flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes.

Spray: flower arrangement consisting of a single branch or shoot bearing flowers and foliage.

Capparis Spinosa: prostrate spiny shrub of the Mediterranean region cultivated for its greenish flower buds which are pickled.

Corolla: (botany) the whorl of petals of a flower that collectively form an inner floral envelope or layer of the perianth.

Daisy: any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl.

Acroclinium Roseum: flower of southwestern Australia having bright pink daisylike papery flowers; grown for drying.

Cowslip: early spring flower common in British isles having fragrant yellow or sometimes purple flowers.

American Featherfoil: a featherfoil of the eastern United States with submerged spongy inflated flower stalks and white flowers.