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Abnormal 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Abnormal Sentences

Abnormal powers of concentration.
They were heartbroken when they learned their child was abnormal.

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1/2) Ghair Mamuli غیر معمولی : Unnatural Abnormal : (adjective) not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm.

Abnormal amounts of rain.
Abnormal circumstances.+ More

Related : Deviate : markedly different from an accepted norm.


2/2) Naqas ناقص : Abnormal : (adjective) departing from the normal in e.g. intelligence and development.

An abnormal personality.

Related : Psychology : the science of mental life.

Abnormal in Book Titles

Abnormal Psychology.
Essentials of Abnormal Psychology.
Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life.
Individual Differences: Normal and Abnormal.

Useful Words

Conforming Conformist : مقلد : adhering to established customs or doctrines (especially in religion).

Development Evolution : Tashkeelay تشکیل : a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage). "China has helped a lot in the development of Pakistan so Pakistan has reached this point"

Due East E East Eastward : Mashriqi Simt مشرقی سمت : the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees.

G Gm Gram Gramme : Wazan وزن : a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.

Intelligence : Aqal عقل : the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience.

Average Norm : Aam Mayaar عام معیار : a statistic describing the location of a distribution. "It set the norm for American homes"

Convention Formula Normal Pattern Rule : Tariqa طریقہ : something regarded as a normative example. "The convention of not naming the main character"

Non Not : Nahi نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

Fixture Habitue Regular : Pakka Gahak پکا گاہک : a regular patron. "An habitue of the racetrack"

Typical : Misali مثالی : exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category. "I told them not to meet but the girl thought I don`t want my friend meet her I said this just because families wouldn`t like it and the guy and girl both may face typical problems if their family finds out"

Usual : Emuma عموماً : occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure. "Grew the usual vegetables"

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