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Abstemiousness Meaning in Urdu

1. Abstemiousness : کفایت شعاری : (noun) restricted to bare necessities.

Exiguity, Leanness, Meagerness, Meagreness, Poorness, Scantiness, Scantness - the quality of being meager.

2. Abstemiousness : کھانے پینے میں معتدل : (noun) moderation in eating and drinking.

Moderation, Temperance - the trait of avoiding excesses.

Useful Words

Bare - Scanty - Spare : ناکافی : lacking in amplitude or quantity. "A bare diet"

Boozing - Crapulence - Drink - Drinking - Drunkenness : بے حد شراب پینا : the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess. "Drink was his downfall"

Eating - Feeding : کھانے کا عمل : the act of consuming food. "You should have eaten it at home"

Moderateness - Moderation : اعتدال پسندی : quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes.

Necessity : ضرورت : the condition of being essential or indispensable.

Restricted : محدود : subject to restriction or subjected to restriction. "Of restricted importance"

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