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Acoustic meaning in Urdu

Acoustic Sentence

Acoustic properties of a hall.

Acoustic Synonym


Acoustic Definitions

1 of 2) Acoustic : بہرے پن کا علاج : (noun) a remedy for hearing loss or deafness.

2 of 2) Acoustic, Acoustical : صوتیائی, سماعت سے متعلق : (adjective) of or relating to the science of acoustics.

Useful Words

Acoustic Impedance : صوتی مزاحمت , Ear Trumpet : کمزور سماعت والوں کے لئے آلہ سماعت , Acoustic Projection : آواز کی وسعت , Acoustic Storage : آواز محفوظ کرنے کا آلہ , Radiometer : شعاع پیما , Range Finder : فاصلہ پیما , Cavity Resonator : گونج پیدا کرنے والی کوئی شے , Muffler : آواز روک آلہ , Earphone : سر فون , Loudspeaker : آواز کو بلند کرنے والا , Megaphone : آواز بلند کرنے والا آلہ , Phonetics : علم اصوات , Hard-Of-Hearing : قوت سماعت سے محروم , Deafness : بہرا پن , Deafening : نہایت تیز آواز جو کان کے پردے پھاڑنے والی ہو , Acoustic Aphasia : کمزور قوت سماعت , Administrative Hearing : ابتدائی شنوائی , Dumb : بے زبان , Salt Depletion : نمک کی جسم میں کمی , Alopecia : گنجا پن , Anaesthesia : بے ہوشی , Lenitive : درد دور کرنے والا علاج , Alleviant : سکون آور , Irremediable : ناقابل اصلاح , Antidote : ایسا علاج جو زہر کے اثر کو ختم کرے , Preventative : مرض روک , Catholicon : اکسیر اعظم , Cease And Desist Order : ایک قسم کا قانون , Case : مقدمہ , Balm : مرہم , Conessi : کرچی کا پیڑ

Useful Words Definitions

Acoustic Impedance: opposition to the flow of sound through a surface; acoustic resistance is the real component of acoustic impedance and acoustic reactance is the imaginary component.

Ear Trumpet: a conical acoustic device formerly used to direct sound to the ear of a hearing-impaired person.

Acoustic Projection: the acoustic phenomenon that gives sound a penetrating quality.

Acoustic Storage: a storage device consisting of acoustic delay lines.

Radiometer: meter to detect and measure radiant energy (electromagnetic or acoustic).

Range Finder: a measuring instrument (acoustic or optical or electronic) for finding the distance of an object.

Cavity Resonator: a hollow chamber whose dimensions allow the resonant oscillation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves.

Muffler: a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise.

Earphone: electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds; it is held over or inserted into the ear.

Loudspeaker: electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance.

Megaphone: a cone-shaped acoustic device held to the mouth to intensify and direct the human voice.

Phonetics: the branch of acoustics concerned with speech processes including its production and perception and acoustic analysis.

Hard-Of-Hearing: having a hearing loss.

Deafness: partial or complete loss of hearing.

Deafening: loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss.

Acoustic Aphasia: an impairment in understanding spoken language that is not attributable to hearing loss.

Administrative Hearing: a hearing that takes place outside the judicial process before hearing examiners who have been granted judicial authority specifically for the purpose of conducting such hearings.

Dumb: unable to speak because of hereditary deafness.

Salt Depletion: loss of salt from the body without replacement (loss by vomiting or profuse perspiration or urination or diarrhea) thus upsetting the electrolyte balance.

Alopecia: loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer).

Anaesthesia: loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness.

Lenitive: remedy that eases pain and discomfort.

Alleviant: remedy that alleviates pain without curing.

Irremediable: impossible to remedy or correct or redress.

Antidote: a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison.

Preventative: remedy that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease.

Catholicon: hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists.

Cease And Desist Order: (law) a judicial remedy issued in order to prohibit a party from doing or continuing to do a certain activity.

Case: a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy.

Balm: semisolid preparation (usually containing a medicine) applied externally as a remedy or for soothing an irritation.

Conessi: tropical Asian tree with hard white wood and bark formerly used as a remedy for dysentery and diarrhea.

Related Words

Curative : علاج

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