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Music meaning in Urdu

Music Sentence

He fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes.

Music Synonym

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Music in Detail

1 of 2) Music : موسیقی, سنگیت : (noun) an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.

Related : Audio Compact Disc : compact discs used to reproduce sound (voice and music).

2 of 2) Music, Euphony : خوش صوتی : (noun) any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds.

Useful Words

Agreeable : موزوں : conforming to your own liking or feelings or nature. "Is the plan agreeable to you?".

Any : کوئی : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing".

Artistic : فنکارانہ : relating to or characteristic of art or artists. "His artistic background".

Audile, Auditive, Auditory : سماعت سے متعلق : of or relating to the process of hearing. "Auditory processing".

Communicating, Communication : رابطہ : the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information. "They could not act without official communication from Moscow".

Anatomy, Bod, Build, Chassis, Figure, Flesh, Form, Frame, Human Body, Material Body, Physical Body, Physique, Shape, Soma : جسم : alternative names for the body of a human being. "Anatomy of lungs".

Manner, Personal Manner : ڈھنگ : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have any manners to speak ?".

Pleasing : اطمینان بخشنا : giving pleasure and satisfaction. "A pleasing piece of news".

Sound : آواز : the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause. "Voice isn`t getting through".

Chant, Intone, Tone : گانا : utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically. "A group in Karachi chant slogan for separate nation and they face worse consequences".

Outspoken, Vocal : صاف بات کرنے والا : given to expressing yourself freely or insistently. "I have a vocal friend".