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Acquiescent   Meaning in Urdu

1. Acquiescent - Biddable : دوسرے کی ماننا : willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest.

Too acquiescent to challenge authority.

Obedient - dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority.

Useful Words

Another - Some Other : کسی اور : any of various alternatives; some other. "Another day off"

Carry - Transport : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا : move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one`s hands or on one`s body. "You must carry your camping gear"

Enjoin - Order - Say - Tell : حکم دینا : give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority. "I said to him to go home"

Out : دور : away from home. "Get out from there"

Dissent - Objection - Protest : احتجاج : the act of protesting; a public (often organized) manifestation of dissent. "There was protest going on"

Willing : چاہنے والا : disposed or inclined toward. "A willing participant"

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