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Act Upon meaning in Urdu

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1) Act Upon, Influence, Work : زیر اثر : (verb) have and exert influence or effect.


Useful Words

Force : زور , Militate : مخالفت کرنا , Active : تبدیلی لانے والا , Sloth : سستی , Potent : قوی , Cipher : بیکار شخص , Bias : غیر منصفانہ طور پر اثر ڈالنا , Swing : کھینچ لینا , Beguile : دھوکا دینا , Carry Weight : اہمیت ہونا , Imprint : اثر , Sway : اثر , Hopped-Up : ٹن , Preponderance : غالب ہونے کی حالت , Evil : برا اثر ڈالنے والا , Ambiance : ماحول , Relent : گھٹنے ٹیک دینا , Overriding : بڑا , Authoritative : حاکمانہ , Independence : آزادی , Incentive : ترغیب , Consequence : دور رس اثرات , Potently : محکم طور پر , Influential : با اثر , Predominantly : غالب طور پر , Clout : اثر , Dominant : اثر , Unresponsive : ردعمل کی صلاحیت نہ رکھنے والا , Puissance : طاقت , Manipulate : طاقت کا ناجائز فائدہ اٹھانا , Govern : اثر انداز ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Force: a powerful effect or influence.

Militate: have force or influence; bring about an effect or change.

Active: exerting influence or producing a change or effect.

Sloth: a disinclination to work or exert yourself.

Potent: having great influence.

Cipher: a person of no influence.

Bias: influence in an unfair way.

Swing: influence decisively.

Beguile: influence by slyness.

Carry Weight: have influence to a specified degree.

Imprint: a distinctive influence.

Sway: controlling influence.

Hopped-Up: under the influence of narcotics.

Preponderance: superiority in power or influence.

Evil: having or exerting a malignant influence.

Ambiance: a particular environment or surrounding influence.

Relent: give in, as to influence or pressure.

Overriding: having superior power and influence.

Authoritative: having authority or ascendancy or influence.

Independence: freedom from control or influence of another or others.

Incentive: a positive motivational influence.

Consequence: having important effects or influence.

Potently: in a manner having a powerful influence.

Influential: having or exercising influence or power.

Predominantly: much greater in number or influence.

Clout: special advantage or influence.

Dominant: exercising influence or control.

Unresponsive: not responding to some influence or stimulus.

Puissance: power to influence or coerce.

Manipulate: influence or control shrewdly or deviously.

Govern: direct or strongly influence the behavior of.

Related Words

Affect : اثر انداز ہونا , Form : ذہن نشیں کرنا , Blackjack : دھمکی دے کر دباو ڈالنا , Carry : حمایت حاصل کرنا

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