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Acupressure meaning in Urdu

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Acupressure Definitions

1) Acupressure, G-Jo, Shiatsu : مالش کا طریقہ : (noun) treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body.


Useful Words

Karate : کراٹے , Compressing : دباو , Compression Bandage : لہو روک پٹی , Welding : گرم کرکے دو اشیا کو آپس میں جوڑ نا , Acupuncture : سوئی کھال میں ڈال کے درد اور بیماری کا علاج کرنے کا عمل , Air Compressor : ہوا سکیڑنے والا , Escape : محفوظ صمام , Essential Hypertension : ہائی بلڈ پریشر , Adrenergic Agonist Eyedrop : آنکھ کے قطرے , Air Current : ہوا , Tonometer : سر پیما آلہٴ , Correction : اصلاح , Pounds Per Square Inch : دباو کی اکائی , Pressurise : دباو ڈالنا , Decompress : دباوٴ کم کرنا , Rub : رگڑنا , Compressed Gas : سکڑی ہوئی گیس , Barometric Pressure : فضائی دباو , Firm : سخت , Ease Off : ڈھیلا چھوڑنا , Pressurise : دباو بڑھانا , Blackjack : دھمکی دے کر دباو ڈالنا , Air Pressure : ہوا کا دباو , Compressed : دبا , Distend : اندر ونی طور پر ہوا یا گیس کا بھرنا , Hard : مضبوط , Impress : نقش کرنا , Relent : گھٹنے ٹیک دینا , Covid Strain : کرونا وائرس کا دباو , Air Hose : ہوا کا پائپ , Displace : طاقت سےہٹانا

Useful Words Definitions

Karate: a traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat; sharp blows and kicks are given to pressure-sensitive points on the body of the opponent.

Compressing: applying pressure.

Compression Bandage: bandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure.

Welding: fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure.

Acupuncture: treatment of pain or disease by inserting the tips of needles at specific points on the skin.

Air Compressor: a compressor that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure.

Escape: a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler); it opens automatically when the pressure reaches a dangerous level.

Essential Hypertension: persistent and pathological high blood pressure for which no specific cause can be found.

Adrenergic Agonist Eyedrop: a treatment for glaucoma; the eyedrops reduce intraocular pressure by decreasing the production of aqueous humor and increasing its drainage through the uveoscleral pathway.

Air Current: air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

Tonometer: measuring instrument for measuring tension or pressure (especially for measuring intraocular pressure in testing for glaucoma).

Correction: treatment of a specific defect.

Pounds Per Square Inch: a unit of pressure.

Pressurise: increase the pressure in or of.

Decompress: decrease the pressure of.

Rub: move over something with pressure.

Compressed Gas: gas at a high pressure that can be used as a propellant.

Barometric Pressure: atmospheric pressure as indicated by a barometer.

Firm: not soft or yielding to pressure.

Ease Off: reduce pressure or intensity.

Pressurise: increase the pressure on a gas or liquid.

Blackjack: exert pressure on someone through threats.

Air Pressure: the pressure exerted by the atmosphere.

Compressed: reduced in volume by pressure.

Distend: cause to expand as it by internal pressure.

Hard: resisting weight or pressure.

Impress: mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.

Relent: give in, as to influence or pressure.

Covid Strain: coronavirus pressure on world.

Air Hose: a hose that carries air under pressure.

Displace: cause to move, usually with force or pressure.

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