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1) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia : خون کے سرطان کی شدید قسم : (noun) acute leukemia characterized by proliferation of immature lymphoblast-like cells in bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and blood; most common in children.

Related : Acute Leukemia : rapidly progressing leukemia.

Useful Words

Acute, Acute Accent, Ague : ہجا کا نشان : a mark (`) placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation.

Blood, Profligate, Rake, Rakehell, Rip, Roue : لفنگا : a dissolute man in fashionable society. "You all are profligates".

Bone, Bone Up, Cram, Drum, Get Up, Grind Away, Mug Up, Swot, Swot Up : رٹنا : study intensively, as before an exam. "Prepare for the exam properly Don`t cram, otherwise you will fail".

Cell : کوٹھری : any small compartment. "The cells of a honeycomb".

Common : عام : having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual. "The common man".

Green, Immature, Unripe, Unripened : کچا : not fully developed or mature; not ripe. "Unripe banana".

Cancer Of The Blood, Leucaemia, Leukaemia, Leukemia : خون کا سرطان : malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; characterized by abnormal proliferation of leukocytes; one of the four major types of cancer.

Like : پسند کرنا : be fond of. "There is no one else like me".

Most : زیادہ تر : (superlative of `many` used with count nouns and often preceded by `the`) quantifier meaning the greatest in number. "Most people like eggs".

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