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Add On meaning in Urdu

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Let's add on to this.

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1 of 2) Add On : اضافہ : (verb) make an addition.

Useful Words

Eke Out : کمی کو پورا کرنا , Stamp : مہر لگانا , Acidophilus : دہی کا جرثومہ , Affixal : ملفوظ سے متعلق , Postfix : لاحقہ لگانا , Codicil : وصیت نامے کا ضمیمہ , Prefix : سابقہ , Affixation : ملفوظ سے بنا لفظ , Additionally : اضافے کے طور , Along : ساتھ , Also : مزید , Beyond : زیادہ , Furthermore : مزید , Accrue : نفع ہونا , Add : اضافہ کرنا , Topping : اوپر سے ڈش وغیرہ کو سجانا , Accumulative : انبار کا باعث , Additive : اضافی , For Good Measure : اضافے کے طور پر , Add : جمع کرنا , Plus Sign : جمع کی علامت , Accretion : اضافہ , Afterthought : اضافہ کی جانے والی چیز , Adduct : کیمیائی ردعمل کا مرکب , Connotative : مرادف , Amount : میزان , Accession : انضمام , Special Session : خصوصی اجلاس , Accretion : جوڑ , Distort : توڑ مروڑ کر پیش کرنا , Copartnership : شراکت داری

Useful Words Definitions

Eke Out: supplement what is thought to be deficient.

Stamp: affix a stamp to.

Acidophilus: a bacterium that is used to make yogurt and to supplement probiotics.

Affixal: of or pertaining to a linguistic affix.

Postfix: an affix that is added at the end of the some words.

Codicil: a supplement to a will; a testamentary instrument intended to alter an already executed will.

Prefix: an affix that is added in front of the word.

Affixation: formation of a word by means of an affix.

Additionally: in addition, by way of addition; furthermore.

Along: in addition (usually followed by `with').

Also: in addition.

Beyond: in addition.

Furthermore: in addition.

Accrue: grow by addition.

Add: constitute an addition.

Topping: a flavorful addition on top of a dish.

Accumulative: increasing by successive addition.

Additive: characterized or produced by addition.

For Good Measure: in addition (as to close a deal).

Add: make an addition by combining numbers.

Plus Sign: a sign indicating the operation of addition.

Accretion: an increase by natural growth or addition.

Afterthought: an addition that was not included in the original plan.

Adduct: a compound formed by an addition reaction.

Connotative: having the power of implying or suggesting something in addition to what is explicit.

Amount: a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers.

Accession: a process of increasing by addition (as to a collection or group).

Special Session: a session that is held in addition to the regular sessions.

Accretion: (biology) growth by addition as by the adhesion of parts or particles.

Distort: make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story.

Copartnership: a partnership in which employees get a share of the profits in addition to their wages.

Related Words

Add : شامل کرنا , Attach : منسلک کرنا , Annex : ملحق کرنا

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