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Admonition meaning in Urdu

Admonition Sentence

A letter of admonition about the dangers of immorality.

Admonition Synonyms


Admonition Definitions

1 of 2) Admonition, Monition, Warning, Word Of Advice : تنبیہ, تنبیہہ, نصیحت : (noun) cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness).

2 of 2) Admonition, Admonishment, Monition : جھڑکنا, دھتکار : (noun) a firm rebuke.

Useful Words

Red Alert : ہنگامی صورت حال , Threat : ڈراوا , Injunction : حکم , Imminently : فوری طور پر , Impend : قریب ہونا , Full Term : ایسی حالت جن حمل کو چالیس ہفتے ہو جائیں , Forthcomingness : قربت وقوع , Red Light : خطرے کا نشان , Adventism : آمد مسیح کا عقیدہ , Adventist : عیسی علیہ السلام کی آمد کا منتظر شخص , Confer With : مشورہ لینا , Advise : نصیحت کرنا , Advisory : مشورہ دینے والا , Adviser : مشیر , Misadvise : غلط مشورہ دینا , Advisee : مشورہ لینے والا , Counsellor : مشیر , Counsel : راہنمائی , Client : موکل , Know-All : اپنے آپ کو ہر فن مولا مانے والا اور دوسروں کی نہ مانے والا , Tipster : وہ شخص جسے جواریوں یا سٹہ کھیلنے والوں کو خفیہ خبریں پہنچانے کا معاوضہ دیا جاتا ہے , Consultancy : مشورہ دینے کا عمل , Act On : تعمیل کرنا , Attorney : وکیل , Agony Aunt : نصیحت کار اخبار نویس , Alarm : خطرے کی گھنٹی , Alert : انتباہ , Solicitor : درخواست گزار , Awfulness : ہولناکی , All At Once : اچانک , Warner : متنبہ کرنے والا شخص

Useful Words Definitions

Red Alert: the highest level of alert when an attack by the enemy seems imminent (or more generally a state of alert resulting from imminent danger).

Threat: a warning that something unpleasant is imminent.

Injunction: a formal command or admonition.

Imminently: in an imminent manner.

Impend: be imminent or about to happen.

Full Term: the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent.

Forthcomingness: the state of being imminent and liable to happen soon.

Red Light: a cautionary sign of danger.

Adventism: any Christian religion that believes the second coming of Christ is imminent.

Adventist: a member of Christian denomination that expects the imminent advent of Christ.

Confer With: get or ask advice from.

Advise: give advice to.

Advisory: giving advice.

Adviser: an expert who gives advice.

Misadvise: give bad advice to.

Advisee: someone who receives advice.

Counsellor: someone who gives advice about problems.

Counsel: something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action.

Client: a person who seeks the advice of a lawyer.

Know-All: someone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others.

Tipster: one who sells advice about gambling or speculation (especially at the racetrack).

Consultancy: the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field.

Act On: regulate one's behavior in accordance with certain information, ideas, or advice.

Attorney: a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice.

Agony Aunt: a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in.

Alarm: an automatic signal (usually a sound) warning of danger.

Alert: a warning serves to make you more alert to danger.

Solicitor: a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.

Awfulness: a quality of extreme unpleasantness.

All At Once: without warning.

Warner: someone who gives a warning to others.

Related Words

Advice : مشورہ , Deterrent Example : عبرت , Rebuke : ملامت

Admonition in Book Titles

Friendly and serious admonition, in a letter from a pastor to his flock.
Of fraternal admonition, or correption.
An Admonition for the Fifth of November.

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