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Adumbrate meaning in Urdu

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Adumbrate Definitions

1 of 2) Adumbrate, Outline, Sketch : ہلکی سی جھلک : (verb) describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of.

2 of 2) Adumbrate, Insinuate, Intimate : باور کرانا, سمجھا دینا : (verb) give to understand.

Useful Words

Abstract : لب لباب , Design : نمونہ بنانا , Summarisation : اختصار , Resume : خلاصہ کرنا , Rubric : سرخی , Sum-Up : خلاصہ , Corymb : پھولوں کا خوشہ , Chalk Out : خاکہ بنانا , Draft : خاکہ , Manhandle : برا سلوک کرنا , Middle-Aged : ادھیڑ عمر , Shove : دھکہ دینا , Rough-Hew : بغیر ہموار کیے کاٹنا , Sum : خلاصہ کرنا , Conspectus : اختصار , Trample : چلنا , Bucket : بالٹی , Rough-Cut : ناہموار کٹا ہوا , Coastline : ساحلی کنارا , Skyline : افق واضع , Rough : بری طرح , Elusive : انوکھا , Resume : مختصر جائزہ , Curriculum Vitae : تعلیمی کوائف و تجربہ , Bleary : غیر واضع , Asymmetrical : بے قرینہ , List : فہرست بنانا , Actualise : حقیقت کا روپ دینا , Metalanguage : زبانوں کو آسان کر کے سمجھانے والی زبان , Compendium : خلاصہ , Recap : خلاصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Abstract: a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory.

Design: the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan).

Summarisation: the act of preparing a summary (or an instance thereof); stating briefly and succinctly.

Resume: give a summary (of).

Rubric: a heading that names a statute or legislative bill; may give a brief summary of the matters it deals with.

Sum-Up: a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form.

Corymb: flat-topped or convex inflorescence in which the individual flower stalks grow upward from various points on the main stem to approximately the same height; outer flowers open first.

Chalk Out: make a sketch of.

Draft: a preliminary sketch of a design or picture.

Manhandle: handle roughly.

Middle-Aged: being roughly between 45 and 65 years old.

Shove: push roughly.

Rough-Hew: hew roughly, without finishing the surface.

Sum: be a summary of.

Conspectus: an overall summary.

Trample: tread or stomp heavily or roughly.

Bucket: a roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top.

Rough-Cut: of stone or timber; shaped roughly without finishing.

Coastline: the outline of a coast.

Skyline: the outline of objects seen against the sky.

Rough: with roughness or violence (`rough` is an informal variant for `roughly`).

Elusive: difficult to describe.

Resume: short descriptive summary (of events).

Curriculum Vitae: a summary of your academic and work history.

Bleary: indistinct or hazy in outline.

Asymmetrical: irregular in shape or outline.

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

Actualise: represent or describe realistically.

Metalanguage: a language that can be used to describe languages.

Compendium: a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work.

Recap: a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion.

Related Words

Hint : اشارہ دینا , Depict : تشریح کرنا