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1 of 2) Adventurer : جواری Juwari : (noun) a person who enjoys taking risks.

Urdu Synonym(s) : جوکھم کا کام کرنے والا Jukuhm Ka Kam Karnay Wala

English Synonym(s) : Venturer

Related : Soul Adventuress Swashbuckler


2 of 2) Adventurer : مہم جو Muhim Jo : (noun) someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose).

Urdu Synonym(s) : کہوج لگانے والا Khooj Laganay Wala متلاشی Mutalaashi

English Synonym(s) : Explorer

Related : Soul Underwater Diver

Useful Words

Bask Enjoy Relish Savor Savour : لطف اٹھانا Lutf Uthana : derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in. "Have you enjoyed ?"

Especially Particularly Peculiarly Specially : خاص طور پر Khas Tor Par : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling"

Little Slight : ذرا سا Zara Sa : (quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with `a`) at least some. "Little time is left"

Individual Mortal Person Somebody Someone Soul : شخص Shakhs : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration"

Aim Propose Purport Purpose : ارادہ کرنا Irada Karna : propose or intend. "I aim to arrive at noon"

Part Region : علاقہ Alaqa : the extended spatial location of something. "The farming regions of France"

Lay On The Line Put On The Line Risk : خطرہ Khatra : expose to a chance of loss or damage. "We risked losing a lot of money in this venture"

Scientific : سائنسی Sainsi : of or relating to the practice of science. "Scientific journals"

Some : تھوڑا Thora : relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent. "May I have some words with you?"

Fetching Taking Winning : پر کشش Pur Kashish : very attractive; capturing interest. "A fetching new hairstyle"

Travel Traveling Travelling : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ جانے کا عمل Ek Jaga Se Dusri Jaga Jany Ka Amal : the act of going from one place to another. "The Sharif brothers launched the orange train in Lahore to make it easier for people to travel"

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